this isn't a very good

Raise the roof!  Put raisins on the roof!  Raisins are grapes!  Grapes are wine!  Jesus gives you wine at church!

guy walks into a bar.  bartender says "what can i get you"  guy says "some orange juice and a new pair of shoes"  turns out this bar serves brunch.  turns out it was rainy so the guy's shoes got wet on the walk in.  turns out the guy has a great sense of humor and decided to comment on it.  bartender says "haha well i can't help you with the shoes, but the orange juice will be right out"  guy has great brunch.  turns out the cinammon pancakes lived up to the hype.

I've been to many cities and over 100 buildings, so I'm an expert when it comes to those things. Here's the thing about those things:  they've got to be good. I'll walk into a building and say to myself "this building here, this isn't a good thing" I look at the bricks and see cracks, look at the wood and it looks like it got wet.  I look at the doors and they don't look very touchable. Am I the only one that guages the touchability factor of a door? Chicago airport bathroom door 1.4. Upscale hipster hotel in Austin 8.8.  

I've been thinking about Maya and I know why the caged bird sings lately, although I don't know about either topic.  It's a good title.  That's what's resonating with me the most.  I'll try to write a poem now, that's equally as exciting as the aforementioned poem (it's a poem, right?).  Actually no, I'm just going to come up with a good poem title because that's 60% of the battle (poem battle).

I know why the working man smiles
Cats and 5-Guy Burgers
Examples of Non-Sexual Smiles
I know why the bad cat chews
Gettin' flirty with the women of Quiznos

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