Conti 3:16

"I want to zipline from cloud to cloud," the X-treme angel Todd said to Jesus.  "Totally serious, bro."

"We have rules in heaven, Todd.  Sky law." Jesus replied.

"Bro, I'm practically a zip expert, and I'll only zip on the softest of clouds."

"But what if something happened?  Do you have any idea what that'd do to heaven's insurance premium?"

"No worries, I'll sign a waiver.  I respect Sky law."

"And I'm assuming you'd wear a helmet.  ...right?"

"Come on Hay Zues - the helmet halo combo is so un baller.  I'm an expert-"


"Fine, gosh.  I'll wear a helmet."

"Oh.  Actually.  You can wear my go pro when you're zipping.  We'll post your zip vids to our Twitter account.  I'm trying to get more followers to our @Heaven account."

"Cool, Cool."

And thus Hay Zueses @Heaven account gained 14 new followers.  #ZipVids #GoPro #CloudSurfing #ToddsTime #RippinClouds #OnCloud9 #CumulusGlider

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