The Forgotten

Oh you poor, poor reader.  You thought I abandon you.  You thought I forgot.  You believed that Father Moustachio started another Internet family.  No no no - I've just been making a man out of myself!  I took a 7 year blog break to turn this minced meat into true moustachio man!  Oh sure, occasionally I'd pop my eyes around the corner and have a see.  I'd even click the "New Post" button.  My fingers would tremble and I'd write a few sentences about a sick panther before Uncle Commerce would call my name.  "Only you can save the company!," he'd say.  "Can't you do that another time?"  

"A draft for me to finish on another day," I'd convince myself.  Well, below you'll find more drafts than a pub in Ireland (#PUN).  I don't want to have any more drafts.  So here are the forgotten @Moustachio blogs...


Hey Readers!

It's me, Moustachio.  Still cute as ever.  lol.  How's your life going?  Or should I say...how many retweets are you getting these days?  lol.  I'm rich now.  lol.  I have a townhome and an ipad and a wine rack.  lol.  I have a girlfriend with bigger tits than the last one.  lol.  Still a little shy I guess.  I'm not a wild honky, if that's what you're wondering.  lol.

I know you have many enemies. I know this. I know you have many enemies. I also have many enemies.

There are very many techniques to attack your enemy. You must be very careful to the enemy relationship and thwart the possibilities of damage and warning. Enemies will hurt you if you do not strike first. Your enemy can see all

Hey Bloggers! Huge news! I'm in Europe. Yup, that's right! I'm blogging away from an Internet cafe is Russia now. I met with the Internet Czar in St. Petersburgh. He showed me several wire prototypes and asked if I had heard about Russia is cold. I met a neo-Nazi named Louis, and I traded him a pair of old boxing gloves for a warm blanket. Tomorrow I'm traveling to Prague to visit the flea markets. I can't shop long, however, as I have a speaking engagement at the European Center for Mash-Makers.

I was in the rainforest the night the new year burst through the womb of Mother Time. I had a box of explosives at my feet while you were drinking champagne and texting foreign lovers. The black panther, you see, was suffering. His insides were sick. He had asked me to do this. He had asked me to end him. As the backwards countdown commenced, I pulled the pin on the grenade. The great beast sprung gracefully from his seat, flaring his muscles and turning his attention towards the napalm ball that would end him honorably.

The black panthers eyes met mine. He could still end me if he wanted, and we both knew it.

I'm getting my masters, you know. It really is grand. I write papers about fantasy sports and ski on Tuesdays.

"Don't stick your penis in the snow," I thought to myself.

Wow, that's a great way to start a blog post. I'd imagine an intro like that will get me at least 3 blog comments.

When I was 13 years old, the police accused me of flicking rubber bands at an infant.

I was at a Academy Sports & Outdoors with my best bud Dean and his mum Mrs. Lawless. Dean and I were going to look at fishing lures. What lure would bayou bass like to bite at? Spinner Bait? Stink Bait? Roland Martin's Helicopter Lure? There are so many options, and Academy has them all.

We had been lure browsing for 10 minutes when I was tapped on the shoulder. It was a moustached man in uniform, and he had a gun.

"Yeah, son? A woman over there is very upset because her baby was injured by something, and she thinks you had something to do with it."

Dean distanced himself from me, and I felt my face get red.

"The baby was shocked or stung by something. Do you have a taser or anything like that in your pockets?"

Me, nervous as a schmuck- "Um, no."

"Okay go ahead and empty your pockets."

I was stopped at a red light on the drive home from lunch today, when a Honda with 2 cute girls pulled up next to me. I began to smile at them, when I noticed that they were smoking an illegal marijuana device. They didn't try and hide the marijuana device from me. They giggled and blew smoke out the window. It seems that these two girls were enjoying themselves.

I know about drugs. I've seen the commercials. These girls were about to get hungry and run over a child riding her bicycle innocently around a fast food restaurant. Either that or they were going to forget to pick up their kid brother at baseball practice in a bad neighborhood.

So I did what any responsible citizen would do. I rammed them with my Grand Prix.

Underneath his helmet, a drop of sweat fell into Troy Mauer's eye. He couldn't take off the helmet, so he tried to blink away the blurry. Despite the sting in his eye, Troy never removed his focus from the polaroid that was taped to his speedometer.

"I could get them back If I win this race," he thought to himself.

The picture was taken over a year ago, on Erika's 8th birthday. Troy's focus faded for a moment when he realized his hands were pained from his tense grip on the steering wheel. It had been 5 months since they left.  God, 5 months.

I hope the girl I fall in love with smokes cigarettes. Then I'll convince her to stop, and she'll listen to me, because I am the man. I am her man.

Later, like every couple, we'll have problems. When we really start to lay into each other, I'll look at her with wide eyes and yell "If it weren't for me, you'd be dead. You'd be dead from cancer, bitch. I'm the one that helped you stop smoking. Me."






Work is so slow today that my co-worker, the Resume Nazi, is looking at pictures of horses swimming. I think the horses are smiling, or maybe they are afraid. I can't tell.

Work is so slow today that

A lot happened this weekend. First of all, I invented an invisible space tiger. You can hear his growls a lot, when you're around me. He protects me and is my best friend. The best part is that I like to carry him around. He's so light because there is no gravity in space. Also he's ferocious but likes to eat meaty sandwiches.

$6 beers? Naked women all around? The smell of lonely? HEY, AM I AT A STRIP CLUB?

I built a robot out of an old computer box. Soon I'll film him.

I befriended a ghost named Andy yesterday. It happened at the gym, where I was playing basketball.

"Hey you got next?" he asked


"You got 5?"

"Nah, I still need 1."

"Cool. Can I run with you?"


I was a bit skeptical because I had never played basketball with a ghost. Heck I had only met 1 or 2 before!  But this ghost looked athletic, so I decided to pick him up for my squad.

The last place I lived was shittyshittybangbang and very bad like when a wolverine eats your kid. The apartment was in a great location, literally 10 feet away from a bar, had a fireplace and a balcony, yet still managed to be his huge helping of sad and suck.

I hated a lot about that apartment.

I once lived with this guy named Phil. Phil's real tall and everyone was always telling him he looked like someone.

"You look like Bill Clinton!"
"You look like Dirk Nowitzki!"
"You look like that guy from that movie Powder!"

Anyways Phil's a great bud. I was chuckling thinking about the times we had together.

Last night I needed a vacation. So I took one.

"What sounds like the best vacation ever?" I thought aloud.

"Probably riding around the Caribbean on a waverunner with a beautiful black woman." I answered aloud.

So that's what I did. Kinda-of.

I called the travel agent and told her I needed to leave for the tropics tonite and be back tommorow for work and I didn't have any money but I was good for it but they don't do that so blah blah blah.

Luckily I have a Super Nintendo.

I bought this game for $1.99. $1.99 to cruise around the fucking Caribbean in a sick motorbike and jetski? This could be better than the real deal!
I start playing and at first I'm having a badass time with my challenge. I'm riding around on my blue motorcycle while Caribbean music plays . Then halfway through the race I
Then I remember that I'm not with an ebony queen.
Since I don't know very many black girls, I had to settle for a cup of hot chocolate.


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