A lot of people love coupons these days. Groupon, Living Social, Coupon Central, Couponz Unlimited, Coupon Town, Whitey Ford's Coupon Basement, The Coupon Arena, Cooped Up Mom Coupon Store, Groups of Humans Coupon Time, Florida Coup Company, The Tallahassee Savings Organization (Coupon Division), The Coupon Depot, Grape-on Groupon, The Coupon Lifestyle Club, etc., have all become very profitable these days.

Who knew people wanted to save money? I sure didn't. I wouldn't have seen this "saving money" craze with the Hupple Telescope. People fascinate me. Actually wait, I messed that up. *I fascinate people.* I'm not sold on this "using coupons to save money" thing long-term, though. Does anyone else think this craze could be the new "pogs" or "slap bracelets" or "AIDS"? I don't know. I guess I'm a late adopter or a non-believer or a handsome guy or whatever. I must admit that I have taken advantage of this coupon thing a few times myself:

  • Via Poopon, I paid $40 for a bag of senior citizen feces (an $85 value). I needed some to finish my master's thesis (Is Old Poop Different Than Old People Poop: A Study), so I must admit this was a great deal.
  • Via Hoops-Coups, I paid $80 to touch the birthmark on Drew Brees' face. I know, that's SO wrong, right? Why would a company called HOOPS Coups have a deal with an NFL player?
  • Via Groupon, I paid $10 for a $20 gift card at Barnes + Noble. Kind of a waste. I temporary forgot that reading is for nerds, so I just bought a bookmark that looked like a dolphin because I needed a friend. With the leftover $17.22 on my card, I tried to buy 5 muffins at the Starbucks that was located WITHIN the B+N. After some latte-attitude, I screamed that I was technically IN a Barnes + Noble and my card should be accepted. I didn't win that argument, though, and the policeman that threw me out told me that Starbucks is a different company and have their own giftcards.

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