Re-Branding Moustachio

Welcome to the *former* moustachio blog. lol. I say *former* because there are going to be some *major* changes coming. No more dicking around. No more inactivity. No more mismanaging funds.

The key phrase is *re-branding*. lol. Not trying to get all marketing guru on you! lol. It's just time for *moustachio* to do something important in this world. It's time for moustachio to change how consumers use the internet.

"*How do we do that?,*" you're probably asking yourself. lol. Good question! Feedback is encouraged. The web is about Two-Way-Communication. Me talking to you. You letting me know how you feel about that. Web 2.0...dig it! LOL.

Well, making these changes is going to be a focused, difficult task. Moustachio is going to diversify. Moustachio is going to elevate *and* enhance. Moustachio...might as well call it Transformio! lol. From here on out, this blog will focus on 3 things:

  • Dinosaur Sex
  • Relationship Advice
  • Old Person Tweets

How cool would it be if a velociraptor had sex with a brontosaurus? Do you think the Raptor would touch the brontosaurus' tail during foreplay? Do you Raptor fellatio would hurt, even though brontosaurus skin is very tough?

Q: Hi, my name is Franklin and I've never had a girlfriend. How do I get a muff with the right stuff? A: Lose 10 pounds and put glitter on your penis.

Ethel35: @TheEllenShow keep up the good work, young man.


Kooky Komments said...

I'm still not jogging!

Christine said...

You almost made me spit out my tea. I've missed you.

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emertron said...

Jesus christ. You're such a liar. It's been almost 2 months. No call. No dino sex.

I need some relationship advice though:

Q: I have tried to bring all the boys to the yard with my milkshakes but alas, it has failed. Could you please recommend some other methods?


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