I Love The Big Screen!

Harry Potter is the exact same thing as Star Wars. You realize that, I hope. Harry Potter is Star Wars with no lightsabers and bigger tits. I watched Harry Potter 3 on a bus. It was my first HP experience. That was the one where Harry was at school and some dragon chased him and then a guy tried to kill him. At some point a tent was on fire. Other than that, I don't really recall anything eventful happening.

I also saw that Twilight movie. That's the movie where a boring chick with no tits has dinner with a vampire family. After dinner they played baseball with some black guys.

I don't know who I hate more- people who do crosswords or people who make crosswords.

It's been a crazy summer ya'll! I sat front row at Letterman in NYC, I got hammered at the infield of The Kentucky Derby while wearing a shirt that said 'Talk Derby To Me', I sold frozen sushi in bulk to a number of universities, I finally saw DC and BMore, and played camp counselor for 3 weeks. Don't look now, bloggers, but I'm living life.



Kooky Komments said...

Readers watch. Readers wait. Readers read.

Steph C said...

omg, i can't believe i came back here and you are still alive.

Anonymous said...

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