My poem

This poem is so deep. So real. So unbelievable. How did I come up with it? It's just who I am. This poem will probably change your perspective. Maybe even your life. This poem is more important than anything you've ever read, ever before.

The fire is alive
Like my insides
The hiss and haw reflect my desire
My desire to dominate
The roar is a war cry
I am in the lead
The hot flame is passion
The passion that I was created from
Even the wood log has a purpose
I consume itIt is my enemy
And I will defeat my enemy
The warmth is my output
If you are near me, then you're lucky
But don't get too close
Or else the fire will burn your face off

I told you this poem was deep. Real deep, unlike anything else ever. It's really great. A great poem that you should re-read.

1 comment:

Melissa said...

Man, we already created our Christmas cards and this could have totally gone on the inside! Crap, crap and more crap!