Rodeo Time

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Need a date for the rodeo! - 25 (Houston)

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Date: 2007-03-01, 9:15PM CST

Hello lady-Houstonians! My name is Mike and I'm looking for a hot date to the rodeo. I'm 25, attractive, rich, and friendly. I have a pair of front row seats to the rodeo, but don't have anyone to go with! So I'm looking for someone who's around my age, fun-loving, and likes to have a few drinks! Email me with pics and tell me about yourself.

One situation, though...I am EXTREMELY allergic to horses. If I'm within a few hundred yards of a horse I break out in a terrible body rash. My skin turns red and my eyes bulge. I itch and gargle. Now obviously there are horses at the rodeo, so I WILL have a reaction on the date. But I love the rodeo too much to miss it! I just want to be a cowboy! HeHeHaw!

When the reaction happens, I'll need you to rub a special lotion on me. THIS IS NOT A SEXUAL RUB. I just need you to lotion up the irritation while we watch the show. No big dealio, right? So email me! Can't wait to hear from you!


From Jillian--

Love to go, but I will make sure you take Clariton. Send a pic.


Variant E said...

How does one rub bulging eyes?

House of Suz said...

Damn, I sure wish I lived in Houston, I sure would answer that ad. Oh, and I am also alergic to horses.

Melissa said...

I wouldn't mind going to the rodeo with you but you'd probably just end up taking my skank-ass ex-best friend.

Christine said...

Bulging eyes are sexy. I see Canadians need not apply, whatever!

L'Austin Translation said...

You gargle,eh?

Conti, you so crazy!

So what about replies? Any??

Mike said...

That Jillian sounds like a real whore.

Conti said...


Philip said...

This is an amazing post bro!