TGIF with Steve Urkel

The great thing about performing mundane tasks for hours on end is that it gives your mind time to create. For instance, I was in my 4th hour of filing when I came up with this joke:

What did Henry Ford say to the supermodel?


Hahaha! I seriously laughed internally for 5 minutes after that doozy. Alright, I need to get back to work. I just wanted to tell you that joke. More later. See ya.

Cutting room floor material:

Why does Henry Ford play Oregon Trail so much?

So he can ford the river.

What's Henry Ford's favorite body-part?

The T-Bone

Surprisingly, there are other Henry Ford jokes out there.

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Homeperm said...

you reminded me of a joke i hadn't yet made up. but i've made it up now, check it out...

what did steve urkel say in dreamgirls the movie? like one line. it is funny cos it's true. but also sad because steve urkel in dreamgirls the movie could have been fabulous.