Mandue 4 You

Sorry I haven't posted lately. I've been very busy the last week, mainly attending mandue parties. For chicks and unpopular gents, a mandue party is where a bunch of men stand around a bowl of cheese. The men dip breads in the cheese, and talk about MANDOM. It's a lot like Girls Nite Out, without the margaritas or vaginas.

Last night Ahmed had a Mandue Party. Some pretty cool dudes were there, and we got to talking. You know us what us MEN talk about.

"Haha this cheese is so good I could stick my crank in it!"


"What would happen if chicks ran NASCAR?"


One dude is flying to Slovenia to visit a chick.

"Is Slovenia even a real country, dude?"

"Yeah, dude, it is."

"Why are you going all the way to Slovenia for a chick, anyways?"

"She has a pair of C's, dude."


If you want to throw you own mandue party, here is what you'll need:

1. penis
2. cheese

You'll be Mandoing in no-time.


House of Suz said...

Hmmm, sounds a little gay so that's probably the reason I want to have a madue.

Variant E said...

I don't know there Conti. I only go to parties to be humiliated by women I cannot pick up on...

Ajax said...

Laugh! Smile! This post made me feel electronic emotions.

I am still confused why he would go all the way to Slovenia when you can get perfectly good duracells at target or any other megastore.

Christine said...

I'm jealous.

kermit said...

wait, so you're telling me that at mandue parties there's no actual sticking of the (guest of honor's) penis in the cheese?

i am so disillusioned now that i don't know what to say or think. i may just die of ennui and it'll be your fault.

the pants said...


Let's wear Fred Perry shirts and talk about shaving our balls!

If you have a dick you're totally invited! Bring some dippers! No trannies though - no mascara in our cheese, gross!!!!

Time to drink tallboys till we pee in the 'due! Turn your head, fag! LOL!