For The Ladies

A Poem for My Lover

Your lips deserve a diploma
I want to work your body with a modern day assembly line
May I explore you like a TI-81 calculator?
I am self-rising flour
You are sugar and butter and oven
Pound Cake
Pound You Cake


House of Suz said...

How romantic! Why can't I find a man with your talents?

Christine said...

You had me at self-rising flour. *wipes away tear*

Variant E said...

Damn dude, there's not a rhyme in that whole thing. How can you call yourself a poet. You should have started it with:
Your lips deseve a diploma
cause they made it passed my aroma

jessica said...


Melissa said...

TI-81s are so 1997. You should try using at least a TI-83, at least that way you can honor your lover and figure algorithms correctly.

Ajax said...

oh please! like a TI-81 is going to mis-represent your algorithms!

Anonymous said...

You are self-rising flour,
I am sugar and butter and the best hour,
You will ever spend
Pound cake
Pound me cake