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Iamnot asked me why I chose to drive a Grand Prix. Is it the great mileage? The horsepower? Good price? Haha, well, yes, those were very important vehicularly. But I think what really sold me was the bag of grenades that comes with each Grand Prix.

It's an endless bag of grenades, you know. I can throw many grenades, and yet every time I reach into the bag there is another grenade for me to throw. Once I was driving in Central Texas when I came upon a hill that I didn't feel like driving over. The driving up and then driving down is a whole to-do. I didn't feel like doing it. So I just used grenades to flatten that hill. I must have thrown 300 grenades out my window. Very rarely do I get out of the car to throw a grenade. Normally I just roll down the window and chuck. Why unbuckle and stand?

Also, the Grand Prix looks like an American "Silver Bullet." When I'm driving my Grand Prix, I often like to think that I'm driving my "Silver Bullet" through every terrorists heart. I could easily see myself racing through Afghanistan in my Grand Prix. Terrorists would be confused when they saw me in the desert. I would be listening to Tom Cochrane - Life is a Highway.

The Grand Prix also has a great sound system. It comes in handy when my hip-hop club friends and I are in the mood to SHAKE IT LIKE A POLAROID PICTURE or SHAKE IT LIKE A SALT SHAKER.

Wouldn't it be horrible if someone came up with a song that went something like SHAKE IT LIKE AN INFANT? That's horrible. Who would sing a song like that? I wouldn't play that CD in the G-Prix, that is for sure.

Thank you for reading.


Melissa said...

I often see Grand Prix's (is that the correct plural form?) on 360 and imagine it's you. No, I don't have dreams about you molesting me...

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Ajax said...

Shake it like an infant! Haha.

That 'hey ya' song is my favorite hip-hop song.

Tim said...

Tom Cochrane is an American hero.

L'Austin Translation said...

Did someone say penis enlargement??

Roonie said...


You crack me up.

House of Suz said...

You're quite welcome.