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I will be visiting Columbus, Ohio this weekend to visit my grandparents. It's going to be awesome, they have a trampoline in the basement. Do your grandparents have a trampoline in the basement? I didn't think so. Majority of my cousins will be in town so thats fun too.

One time when we were kids my cousin Alex locked me and the rest of the cousins in the basement. I am the oldest out of all the cousins by a few years, and I made the joke that we were going to be locked in forever and we would probably die. Then my sister and the younger kids started to cry. They believed me, I guess. It was pretty funny, looking back. Me, being locked in the basement with the trampoline, with all my younger cousins crying because they thought we were going to die. That's a memory that I'll never forget.

Anyways I think my uncle heard everyone crying in the basement so he went down there and unlocked the door. I think we were locked in for a total of 7 minutes. Maybe we should re-enact that day this weekend. Even though we're in our 20's. Just cry in the basement until Uncle comes.

You know whats cute? My uncle is named John and my aunt is named Julie and my cousins are named Justin, Jerrad, and Jacob. And they have a dog named Jester and a fish named Jella and they believe in Jesus and they drive a Jeep and they shop at J.Crew and they love J-Lo. True story.

Catch me in Columbus.


elginroots said...

did the basement have a tall ceiling? my brother and i can barely walk in our parents' basement w/ out hitting our heads; don't think a trampoline would work very well.

Tim said...

My old neighbors were Joe and Janet, Justin, Julianne, and a dog Jesamenia. I wonder if they were releated to your uncle.

Melissa said...

My aunt Olivia has five kids: Jesse Jr, Jessica, Jennifer, Joseph, and Jason. They had a dog named Sebastian. I bet it died because it's name wasn't Jolene or Jebediah.

Melissa said...

Oh yeah, one more thing, wanna borrow my "Oh how I hate Ohio State" t-shirt that I bought for the OSU game? I'm sure it'll be a perfect fit.

House of Suz said...

The trampoline/basement explains a lot.

What's even funnier is when I was growing up we knew this family, Green, and the kids names were Kelly and Hunter. I always imagined their parents names were Olive and Mold.

Christine said...

Cool family story, Mike. My grandma had a trampoline in her yard. My bro and I used to kung fu fight on it all the time. My back flips were like whoa..

I hope you get to re-enact with your cousins. What I wouldn't give to be able to kick my brother in the face just one more time.

Starlet said...

At my grandmas house when the other adults weren't around she would totally let me kick my brothers ass and be mean to him because she said she was too old to deal with our childish bullshit. It was great.

elginroots said...

wait a sec, i never paid attention to the PET'S name before. i have some cousins (last name starts with "T," mind you) whose names are trent, tanner, ty, and toria. and the dog?? TILLY.

also on my dad's side the kids are david, diane, dana, donna, denise, and donald. and i believe when they were kids they had a DALMATION.