Media Dump

My buddy Reez has grown an impressive moustache:

Notice how much more confident and mature he looks now that he has sleek, impressive lip fur. A complete 180 from the old Reez, I'd say:

Check out the first 8 seconds of this clip. Watch it a few times for full effect--

Does that man not make the most bizarre noise at the :07 mark? I listened to it a good 40 times, cracking up all the while. I don't know, maybe its just me...but that's funny.

And speaking of bizarre, my cousin introduces me to Tourettesguy.com--

Again, I'm not sure why this is funny...I just know it is. I watched it a few days ago and didn't exactly know what to think. Then 2 days later I found myself laughing like a madman when thinking about the "Don't talk shit about Total!" part. Thanks Cousin Jake.

Now, a Perez Hilton Impression:

And if you don't know who Perez Hilton is then you are obviously old and don't know anything about celebs. Actually I didn't know who he was until a few weeks ago when my coworkers told me about him. Basically the guy has become famous for doing shit like this.


Christine said...

The Reez looks like a 70's porn star/pirate. I agree, much better.

Outside Jelly said...

I think the Reez looks like a French Homo. Also, he sucks at fantasy sports.

Ajax said...

I am still a little disappointed and (dare I say) betrayed (?) that you have not grown your own moustache, Mike Conti!

1) it scares kids

2) makes upper lip rubbing more fun

3) chicks dig it!

Tim said...

nice perez impression. My impression of him was last weekend when I gave hand release to a bunch of dudes.

Variant E said...

Mike Conti! I cannot believe that you would....FUCK YOUR POST....make fun of something as debilitating as Terrets Syndrome with that... SHIT DON'T YOU EVER SWEAR ON YOUR BLOG...last post.

elginroots said...


el Bow said...

Hey Mike, how come Erin doesn't have a link to you? I had to fight to get here.

Starlet said...

did you just admit to being old?

Ziomal said...

Very nice! I like it. what is a body wrap

elginroots said...

wait i just finally watched that. how does that guy have tourettes? even if he does have it, it didn't seem like he was showing signs of it in the video. tourettes is tic's and uncontrollable outbursts. that guy has a funny voice and swears a lot. I THINK YOU GOT DUPED.