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My Personal Top 5 Old School H-Town Rap Vids

You'll only truly appreciate these if you're from Houston, since these were the songs we grew up with. But these vids are so ghetto that they should be enjoyable to everyone.

#5 Botany Boyz - Thought of Many Ways

I love this video, mainly because as a kid I played soccer at a field next to the basketball court in this video. There were never black chicks wearing Tommy Hilfiger and dancing in unison, though, when I played. A shame, really. Mo City, baby!

#4 Lil O - Back Back

This video is so bad that its GREAT. Somehow, Lil O has acquired Yoda-like powers and can blow up whole blocks of H-town with only his hands. Also notice the cracked out hoes that I guess are supposed to be hot. Gotta love rapping in front of a fake water wall too.

#3 Lil Keke - Southside

Any video that shows the Astrodome, an ice cream truck giving money instead of ice cream, and obese people dancing has to be Top 3. Also, the REAL water wall (its a big deal in Houston obviously). Transco Tower?

#2 Lil Troy - Wanna Be a Baller

The video is rather mundane but I personally think that this song is Houston's anthem. Last year I went to an Astros playoff game, and Jason Lane played this song before his at-bat. The WHOLE STADIUM knew the words and sang along. It was insane. You play this anywhere in the city, and people go nuts.

#1 Fat Pat - Tops Drop

This was the first rap song I ever loved. I was in the middle of my Soundgarden/Nirvana phase, when I heard this is my friend Chuck's car. I seriously had a "Hey wait a minute, this is awesome - I could really get into this" moment. The rest is history. As far as the video, I don't know if it gets more bizarre then those chicks dancing in the woods. That and the long intro where you never see Fat Pat's face (how artistic!) and you have #1.

And of course- RIP Fat Pat, HAWK, DJ Screw.


Melissa said...

The ONE time I ever went to Spiro's, they played Southside and all the slut bags started humping the floor. It was kinda disturbing. But I do love me some Lil Troy. Wanna Be a Baller was like my song freshman year. I know, ghetto.

Ajax said...

I'm repping the O.

emertron said...

What about Mike Jones? His pockets stick out more than his belly.

Ajax said...

#5 and #3 are the ones I like.

Ajax said...

I take it back, I like them all - they are better when you don't watch the video's.

elginroots said...

um okay i don't know who those people are and this computer is so slow i cannot see what's up. but do you listen to chop n screw down there? can you make me a mix tape and mail it to me, in chicago?


Conti said...

yeah Ajax the videos SERIOUSLY take away from the music.

and elginroots did you just ask if we listened to screw down here?? we invented screw. Screwston, Texas. Yes I'll make a tapee.

And no I haven't gotten your postcard yet, but I don't think I've checked my mail since last Friday.

pbdotc said...

this post was absolutely great.

it's good to see hiphop alive in well in da souf and it's hard to believe some of the stuff dat come out there mouf.

up here in the norfeast it's all "oh you got shot at hot 97 too?"


elginroots said...


yeah i know that you people in general listen to it down there but i meant do you MIKE CONTI listen to chop n screw and yes please please make me a tape!!!

Conti said...

elginroots- The postcard did come - and I will send that shit out soon

pbdotc- glad you liked it man. The 3rd Coast has always been hot, people are just starting to recognize. Check out houstonsoreal.blogspot.com

emertron- Mike Jones is on the lower end of Htown rap

melissa- why didnt you keep it krunk and grind that ass?