Are you my Lucky Charm?

'Male Seeking Female' posting on Craigslist.com


Stunningly handsome 24-year-old male with a cereal fetish. Nothing weird and only slightly sexual. Would love to watch an attractive young lady eat bowl after bowl of Kix, Life, Cheerios, Honey Nut Cheerios, Wheaties, Rice Chex Mix, Cracklin Oat, and Frosted Mini-Wheats.

Maybe I could be the spoon?

Lactose intolerate bitches need not apply. I like my ladies more 2% than whole milk, if ya know what I mean. Also, I'm straight so no Fruity Pebble emails.

Hit me up if you know how to Snap, Crackle, Pop!


Stacey--- LOL i loved ur email not sure if i would be the right girl though

Lori--- Cracklin Bran me UP! lol


explauren said...

i know some girls that might actually respond to this!

emertron said...

What about the 'cocoa' cereals?

Christine said...

Hahaha slightly sexual..
Have I told you that I heart you lately?
I heart you, Conti!

I have a cereal fetish too! *runs away*

House of Suz said...

Granola would get you plus sized responses here in Oregon.

Ajax said...

I like the stunningly handsome part.

A good time to kiss girls is when they are stunned BY YOUR HANDSOMENESS.

elginroots said...

dude i hope you wrote back to lori

elginroots said...

hey did you remember i loved food posts? that one w/ the guy who talked about chips and guacamole. god if this was on the chicago list i probably woulda responded to it

Tim said...

dude, you are the Cap'n Crunch of craigslist.

erin said...

you make all the ladies lol

pbdotc said...

did you hear from any Honey Bunches?

PS. dude you're in the zone. time to take it public.

Conti said...

haha thanks for the nice comments you guys

L'Austin Translation said...

Man, I should have known it was you! I thought that was the funniest ad.

You're Magically delicious!

cyn said...

obviously he's a cereal killer.... pfft.. lol SOMEONE had to say it