Probably most bizarre

I'm hungry for a twist, twist-a-roo. Haha, excuse me, I forgot that this blog is universal, so most people outside of Texas don't know what a twist, twist-a-roo is. Let me explain.

A twist, twist-a-roo is a caged coyote meat sandwich. You literally eat the cage (it's made of bamboo so its crunchy, but not TOO crunchy :)) along with the meaty sandwich. The coyote meat tasts different, because the coyote was afraid when it died. You can taste the pain - Yummy!

My grandma used to make me homemade twist, twist-a-roo's. I remember as a child she would teach me the secret tricks to how and cage a coyote.

First, cover yourself in honey, ketchup, chicken bits.

Second, pretend like you are injured in an open forrest.

Third, have an obese man hide in a nearby bush.

Fourth, let the coyote become comfortable with your flesh. Let lick, nibble.

Finally, signal obese man to leap from bush with cage in hand, trapping the fooled beast.

Mmmmm! Soon you'll be dining, Texas-style! Don't forget the BBQ beans!


Christine said...

When you visit, ask for the beaver twist. Yummy!

emertron said...

Sounds delicious but where is the nutritional value?

Starlet said...

Is that what my creepy neighbors in Texas were always doing?

elginroots said...

times like these i reconsider my vegetarianism

Anonymous said...

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