There are three things in this world that I love---

1. Making a gypsy bleed.

2. Playing good basketball.

3. Making a stranger laugh.

Yesterday, I played good basketball. That means today I need to either make a gypsy bleed or make a stranger laugh. Once I got mixed-up and made a stranger bleed and a gypsy laugh. That was a terrible, terrible day.

So how will I make a stranger laugh today, you ask?

Maybe I'll do something kooky like throw rocks at a sleeping homeless person and then give a knowing *wink* to a stranger who's watching the whole thing. Maybe I'll *accidently* walk straight into a glass sliding door. Maybe I'll get my jeans *stuck* in the escalator and then the jeans *come off* in front of everyone and I run around the mall blushing. Maybe I act thirsty at the doctors office and *drink* a cup of *urine* because I think its applejuice.

Actually I don't feel funny today, so I'm going to make a gypsy bleed instead.

Please excuse me while I go stab a gypsy. See ya.


emertron said...

Yeah. Nice try on that one. Everyone knows that there aren't any gypsies in Texas. They all stayed in Oklahoma.

el Bow said...

If there's one thing that never fails to make people laugh it's racism. That shit is just plain funny.

Ajax said...

yeah! try racism!

Tim said...

be careful, gypsy's are crazy. And thier blood is blue.

Starlet said...

wow. When I try to make a stranger laugh they always just call me clumsy.

elginoots said...

when are you coming to chicago to play me in one on one

elginroots said...

i disagree on racism being funny

Anonymous said...

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