I am a 13 year old girl

Do crickets have dreams? Can donuts smile? Life is all about thinking OUTSIDE the box, you guys! The most important thing about creativity is not to be NEGATIVE. When someone has an idea, just smile and say 'hell yeah!' LOL Sometimes I like to brainstorm about a new recipe to make. Once I came up with mixing peanutbutter with roast beef! LOL! I'm just a creative guy, I guess!

You have to always be thinking in a positive way! Never give up on your dreams, ya'll! Once I had an idea to shine a laser pointer in an infants eye. You've got to try new things, ya'll! Maybe the baby would turn superhuman or something! LOL!

Once I had an idea to duct tape an alarm clock to an alligator! Can you imagine how confused the gator would be when that thing went off?? LOL! I can just see that gator lookin around all like, "what is that????" OMG!

One time I had a dream that all the poor people in the world died of some poor disease. Then all us rich people just cheered and cheered! It was a totally creative dream! Everyone had enough money to go on vacations and buy HD TV's and stuff! It was so happy! ;)

Once I wrote a short story about a dragon who had AIDS. The dragon got AIDS by eating a gay knight. I put on my thinking cap and just wrote it - LOL! But my teacher gave me a D. :( I was sooo :(. That's not very positive! So I went home and drew a picture of her getting stabbed in the leg by a devilbeast! Heha! Don't tell! I was just being creative!



Ajax said...

I am LOL'ing with an English accent right now.

The Conti comedy machine is back in action!

TinaPoPo said...


Conti said...

thanks you guys! glad to be back! sorry about the 4 month hiatus! lol!

emertron said...

Yeah, what had happened to you?!?!

That teacher was jealous of your creativity.

Christine said...

I heart this post. If I could lick this post I would. I'd lick the computer screen but I don't think it would taste very nice.

Anonymous said...

tight postage

brianna said...

oh! all the exclamation points!