Today at lunch I bought BENGAY, THE NON-GREASY CREAM. For some reason the Industrial sized bottle was much cheaper than the normal sized bottle. So now I have this huge fucking bottle of BENGAY.

I bought BENGAY because of my injuries. For some reason I've been an injury prone shithead the last few weeks. I hyperextended my left knee going for a loose ball in basketball. No worries, BENGAY, THE NON-GREASY CREAM.

Then on Friday we got drunk in H-Tizzle and formed a punching circle. That's where you get in a circle and punch each other. I punched some guy I just met and sprained my wrist or broke a hand bone or something. No worries, BENGAY, THE NON-GREASY CREAM.

Seriously this bottle is as big as my arm. If your pet elephant sprains his back just give me a call.