But Richard, I'm in the middle of this speech

State Trooper: [sees Kimble in hospital hallway, disguised as a doctor] Hey, Doc! We're looking for a prisoner from that bus-train wreck a couple of hours ago, might be hurt.
Dr. Richard Kimble: Uh, what does he look like?
State Trooper: 6ft1, 180, brown hair, brown eyes, beard. See anyone like that around?
Dr. Richard Kimble: Every time I look in the mirror, pal - except for the beard, of course!

That was such a fucking sneaky move. I've been thinking about sneaky moves the entire day. I love sneaky moves.

One of my favorite sneaky moves is when its real dark, and someone is trying to find you and shoot you dead. So what you do, ya see, is you throw something small to an area where you aren't. The person hunting you goes over to where the noise is, because he assumes you accidently made the noise. But you're not there! Haha-you just made a sneaky move and now you hold the advantage. Now you can creep up behind him and stab him in the heart!

Haha, sneaky moves are the best!

Another sneaky move is to eat an entire cake that shouldn't be eaten. Then you leave some crumbs in your sisters room. Later your parents will be furious and they will investigate the situation. Sis'll get blamed for the whole thing! Hahaha!

Is it sneaky to put your enemies girlfriend in a cage and then ship her to Cuba?

One sneaky move I just thought of is to hang around a bunch of pretty girls while pretending to listen to your ipod. The girls will think you're listening to some tunes, and can't hear a thing. But really the volume is off and you can hear every word. Then you can find out who has a crush on who, who's having a period, etc.

Poison is also very sneaky. "Let's be friends and stop fighting," you could tell your enemy. "Here, I made some hot chocolate for you as a peace offering." But really, you just fed your enemy a cup of poison.

What's your most sneaky move?


the pants said...

many of my sneaky moves involve tracking down one armed murderers. sneaky moves require sneaky clothes, so i stole a catsuit and a ski mask.

Christine said...

I'm Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny, the Toothfairy and this little elf dude that I made up that hides shit around the house. Beat that!

Ajax said...

Yawn-slash-boob grab.

emertron said...

The back door at work.

Rook said...

My sneakiest move was creating Team Sneaky.

Steph said...

CONTI! True Story: This happened a few weeks ago. I was at the bar with my buddy B. we were saving a seat for another friend that was joining us. Due to my slowness, another patron came and swooped up the seat we were saving for our friend. Our friend arrived, with no seat except for one on the other side of the patron that took the original one. So our friend asked if he wouldn't mind moving down a seat so he could sit with us. The patron had an Ipod on and didn't hear what my friend had asked him. So, our friend sat at the other side of the bar. B and I were laughing as our friend got totally ignored by that guy that took his seat. He also had to sit by himself which was even funnier.

A few minutes later, the bartender asked what we were laughing about and why our friend was sitting on the other side of the random guy and not with us. B re-explained the story (much funnier than what really happened, he threw in a couple of funny lines for amusement) and the patron heard every word and blurted out "sure, i'll move if you want me to."

Whoops, ya, those Ipods can be tricky little bastards.

Steph said...

sorry for such a long comment. it was one of those "you had to be there" moments...

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Rod Renegade said...

An MBA in two weeks... wow! Now that's pretty sneaky.

explauren said...

i fabricated on a huge paper for a class, and got an A!

Tim said...

conti - I sent you an email.

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