an idea for friday

SenorBob82: i may get a tat soon
Crazysox45: what will you get?
SenorBob82: probably an igloo with a monster creeping out
Crazysox45: interesting
SenorBob82: do you like the idea?
Crazysox45: i do
Crazysox45: will the igloo be melting?
SenorBob82: yes, because the tat will be right above my penis
Crazysox45: haha
Crazysox45: wow
SenorBob82: and the monster will be sneaking a peak at my goods
SenorBob82: because its a girl monster
Crazysox45: slut
SenorBob82: well, curious


Sarcasm Man said...

Tattoos are cool.

ica said...

i saw this tattoo online some dude had on his stomach and it was a girl and his belly button WAS A VAGINA

el Bow said...

the flames on my arm tattoo would totally melt the igloo on yours. Like a paper-rock-scissors that I would always win.

Christine said...

Take pics! heh

Anonymous said...

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