Hamma down on some dem crawdaddie

Everyone was in Houston this weekend. Crawfish Boil at Chuck's place! Everyone come to Houston to enjoy the event! There will be crawfish! There will be beer! There will be drunk football! Your shorts will get dirty! You'll smell like fish for a few days!

The most important part of a Crawfish Boil is the entagza. That's cajun for beginning. It's a tradition where the host of the boil selects 2 men to face off in the "Crawfish Challenge".

This year, Chuck selected Chris and Mike. Both men were excited about being included in the heritage and competition. The entagza tradition is as followed:

First, everyone at the boil holds hands and sings "She'll be Coming Around the Mountain When She Comes" in rounds.

Then, both men put on sunglasses and awkwardly shake hands, in silence.

Next, a dozen crawfish are dropped into each man's underwear. The first man to take off his pants and unload the crawdaddies loses the competition. Also, no yelling out and complaining about a bit penis. Automatic DQ.

Both men started strong.

Mike, looking tough, and, focused.

Here is Chris, a few moments after he tapped out. As you can see, the competition went well into the night. Chris had to quit when a crawfish slipped around to his backside. He could not handle the anal pinching.

Afterwards, we lifted Mike above our heads and celebrated. We were pretty drunk by that point though, and we dropped him.


Melissa said...

You were probably jealous that they didn't choose you for the entagza. I know how much you like to have live animals in your pants, fag

Ajax said...

Traditions are the best.

emertron said...

Automatic Dairy Queen? Is that what you guys call 'loser' down there?

Christine said...

Yea, Chris doesn't look drunk at all... nor does he look like Joan Rivers love child.

Hey Mike! *waves*
Missed ya!

emertron said...

Hey doooooooooooooooooood...what's facepage?

RitMeyer said...


Anonymous said...

Your blog is slackin.