Video Test - The Machine

I'm back from my Floridian vacation. I hadn't even unpacked when I got a call from The Machine.

"Mike - I've got to show you something."

"Oh hey Dean. Well let me unpack and grab some dinner and then I'l---"

"There's no time, Mike. I found something. I found something on the Brazos."

"Oh God."

A lot to come in the next few months at Moustachio. Get excited.


the pants said...

armadillo! i am going to call you tonight.

Melissa said...

James' dad shoots armadilloes (e or no e?) with a shotgun when he catches them in his front yard. They ruin his grass.

el Bow said...

That YouTube is great but not enough porn

Anonymous said...

not fun/ny

coworker said...

uh ok

Anonymous said...

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