Some jokes that I just came up with:

Where does the dinosaur get his haircut?

Dinosaur's don't exist, you pale fuck.

What kind of soup did the dinosaur order at the French restaurant?

Dinosaurs are extinct, you looney fuck.

What did the blue dinosaur say to the green dinosaur?

Get a life, you green fuckfest.

What did the baby dinosaur eat at the zoo?

All the animals.



Please don't go bowling on Thursday. I urge you. Otherwise the government will sneak into your house and scan your old photographs. Then they'll control your past. And someone without a past can't have a future.

I want to send that message via morose code. Or however you spell that shitty code. Morse? Morese Code? Maybe thats why people don't use that code anymore. It was so hard to spell. That and the Russians figured it out.

Don't trust Russia. I love the 80's! Don't trust Russia. Vh1. Don't trust Russia. Sarcastic comments from no name comics. Don't trust Russia. Weird Al Yankovich. Don't trust Russia. I'd be a hot chick if I took off my glasses. Don't trust Russia. I'm too intellegent to be mainstream. Don't trust Russia. E! Channel trying to copy the formula. Don't trust Russia. I love the 90's spinoff. Don't trust Russia. Don't trust Russia. Never trust Russia. Dear Lord please no, DONT TRUST RUSSIA.

Some jokes that I just made up:

Why did the snake go to foley's?

He wanted to get some good deals at the Red Apple SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSale.


P-O-P stands for Point of Purchase. How can I, the advertiser, entice you, the consumer, to purchase my product? What about a cool looking, interactive store display? What about new and interesting product packaging? How about a Buy 1, Get 1 Free promo? What if I grab your child while you're considering your purchase, and threaten to poke him with a sharp spear if you don't purchase my product?


Christine said...

My son would grab your spear and make a Conti-Kabob. You would be delicious.

explauren said...

yes! you are back back back!

Melissa said...

I'm now convinced you have a coke problem.

emertron said...

Goddamnit! I totally need to get new plans for tonight now. Thanks for the tip, though. I'll wait for them in the foyer with the lights out with a Supersoaker 2000.

Ajax said...

Hi Mike. What's going on? I'm at work. What's up? Hey.

ica said...

i like this one:

What did the baby dinosaur eat at the zoo?

All the animals

ica said...

oh & she would probably not look hot w/ out the glasses, but you can still hope.

Steph said...

you have a very busy mind friend. i got lost about six or seven times reading this....Ok, i was lost the whole time. don't blame me though, i'm just a blonde. a fake one at that.

el Bow said...

Morse code and old photos: sounds like someone's been reading journals for inspiration.

Ajax said...

"Mindcringe" is a great title for a blogg post. Another good title is "Mindcringe II".

Rrramone said...

Dude, it's Marice Code.

This post made me laugh. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

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