Is it time to blog again?

Is it still my birthday if my birthday balloon still has air in it?

Why is facebook so addicting?

Is it the pictures?

Why can't my vacation last a year and not a few days?

Can someone give me a massage?

Why aren't I a millionaire yet?

What is the phone # to the audioblog thing?

Are the Rockets going to make the playoffs?

Has anyone else noticed how amazing Yao has been playing lately?

Donde esta el gato largo?

When will I meet my special someone?

Have I met her already?

What type of sandwich should I get at Randall's?

Should I play basketball today?

Why don't they have Chik-Fil-A's up north?

Don't northerners like chicken?

Why do people love The Rolling Stones?

Haven't they always been overrated?

What time is it?

Game time?

Do you think I should start to blog regularly again after my vacation?

Did you think it was funny when that homeless guy who lived in the parking garage flicked me off?

Or were you a bit freaked out like I was?

When did my blog go over 25,000 hits?

Where have all the cowboys gone?

Who let the dogs out?

What if God was one of us?

How come The Machine hates mustard?

How much longer until my ipod is charged?

Should I still read and enjoy Bill Simmons even after he ripped on H-town?

What should the first thing I film on my digital camcorder be?

Is 'K-Rino - How Could It Be?' my favorite song right now?

Why don't more people know about K-Rino anyway?

Should I buy the DVD of 'The Office'?

The English version or the American one?

How many more questions should I type out?

Is 5 more enough?

What should my first drink on the beach be?

Will bicardi and coke do?

Or should I do something more snazzy, something with an umbrella in it?

So how did I do?

Was this a good post?


Ajax said...



What's facebook?


I know, right?

Ask your mom.

God hates you.


With a name like that? Doubt it.

Yao mo be there.

En mi corazon.




That's what she said!

Hyphen reluctance.

Only for breakfast.

Zombie's are "in".

Emotional Rescue

Howdy Doody Time


As often as you poop.



When your mom started reading.

I heard they are at a disco.

If by "dogs" you mean "cats", then Imelda Marcos.

What if he was TWO of us.

You don't ask questions about The Machine. You just don't.

You can't make IPODS longer.

frogman comes to helltown?



adversion to rhinoceroses

buying dvd's is like eating chalk

steve carrel is so fucking great



cuba libre

same thing

an umbrella to match your tatoo?


I laughed.

erin said...

more importantly did three 6 mafia really win an academy award the other day? was it awesome? want me to visit you when i'm in texas for the geek convention this spring?

Tim said...

we've got chik-fil-a in philly

emertron said...

Yes. I particularly loved the early 90s music reference.

Leslie said...

i shall provide answers to select questions:

facebook is addictive because it provides an opportunity to shamelessly stalk friends, neighbors, and co-workers.

you should buy the DVD of The Office, definitely the BBC version though. BBC versions of shows trump the American versions always.

bacardi and coke will not do. your first drink on the beach should of course be a Sex on the Beach. It's delicious, topical and always comes with an umbrella.

Melissa said...

Randall's has a really good grilled turkey and mozarella sandwich. Pair it up with some Mo'Beta Odwalla juice and yum!

ica said...

no it was way too long i only read the beginning and the end, not the middle.

audioblog: 415-856-0205

Ajax said...

Jessica complaining about long posts!?!?!?!?!?

Christine said...

My head hurts!

Steph said...

this wasn't nearly enough questions.

The Prose~cuter said...

You need to develop some blog-related merchandise.

Anonymous said...

My question is: If I added you as a Facebook friend, would you accept me? ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh, and what school??

I promise, I am not a stalker or weird or anything, just a fan...

Conti said...

yes, i would add you! - the more friends i have on that thing the better i feel about myself and the more important i am.

i haven't really set up my profile yet (no pic, clubs, etc) --- waiting until after vacation to mess with it.

I'm listed under Texas, or UT.

Conti said...

what city will you be visiting, Erin? Yes.

ica said...

hey i said i didn't expect anyone to read the long ones.

Anonymous said...

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