Good Prson, Bad Potographer

The following is Part 2 in a series of posts about my time spent in Daytona Beach, FL. This particular post focuses on Gina S. Gina is a camp counselor with The Machine and the Hertleins. She's a huge fan of the moustachio blog and happened to be vacationing in Daytona the same time as us.

"Is Gina cool?," I asked Mookie as we boarded the elevator.

"Yeah dude, she's awesome," he said. "And she really loves your blog."

A real fan! My first one! I've finally made it in life! A fan of my work! A moustachio fan! Only 1,999,999 more until I get a fan club! I was quite excited as we headed to her condo to pre-party for the night.

As it turns out, Mookie was right. Gina WAS cool. All her Truman St. friends were. They were all friendly and ready to party. Just like us! We drank, socialized, spat off the balcony, looked at the oversized carrot decorations, and listened to bad music that they brought from Missouri. There were pictures:

Notice her excitement. To Gina, meeting me was like meeting a celebrity or a religious figure. Her eyes stayed that wide for days. Not really. Gina is just goofy.

We spoke of blogs, The Machine, Spring Break, and marriage.

"We could never get married," I said.

"Why not?"

"Because if we did your name would be Gina Conti. People would make fun and call you Va-Gina Cunt-y. That's 2 vagina references in one name. That's a lot to handle."

"You're right. Can I at least get a picture of you? Something to remember you by?"

"Yes, of course."

"Oh my God," she said after taking a picture and looking down at her camera. "This is the worst picture a human being has ever taken."

Part 3 coming soon.


Ajax said...

There is so much Conti on this blogg now!

Conti said...

no worries, its temporary. I was hanging out with a lot of people with digcameras.

Christine said...

You have to marry that girl! Do it! Name your children Dick and Ivannah or something.

Steph said...

nice toof

emertron said...

But the real question is...did you get to feel her boobs?

Conti said...

no i don't think her english boyfriend would have liked that very much.

ica said...

yes that is a pretty bad photo. don't worry, everyone has at least one. people like me, at least ONE THOUSAND.

ha ha bad jokes

Melissa said...

Sorry hon, that's pretty bad. I promise that next time we hang out, I'll only take flattering pictures of you. Promise.

Anonymous said...

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