Why I now carry CD's with me everywhere I go

It's been a great few days.

Valentine's Day was fun. I went to a Singles Mingle thing that a local fm radio station put on. Its where if you are SINGLE than you go MINGLE and hope you find someone that makes your DINGLE-berry TINGLE.

I arrived and blah blah blah drinks and blah blah fun and blah blah everyone loves me and blah blah blah saw people I know and blah blah blah told jokes and blah blah blah drunk Asian girl tried to hold my hand all night and blah blah blah exchanged business cards with a 47-year old man who divorced a stripper and blah blah blah ate Whataburger at midnight with DP and blah blah blah.

In the middle of all that great blah I heard my name called through the loudspeakers.

"Mike Conti...you won a door prize...Mike Conti, come get your door prize"

Me, a winner! I went up to the WINNERS ONLY AWARD ARENA and claimed my prize. I was hoping for a new Mazda Miata or free Chik-Fil-A for a year, but instead I won a yellow bag that was filled with unknown things.

I hadn't even looked through the bag when a group of drunk hot girls called me over.

"Hey Mike C (they read my name tag), come here! What did you win?"

"I'm not sure, actually. Let's check it out (I dig through prize bag). I got a t-shirt, some koozies, the new Shakira CD, and the DVD of 'In Her Shoes' featuring Cameron Diaz."

(tall, hot girl takes over)

"That's a girls bag! You can't keep that! Give me the Shakira CD! You don't listen to Shakira! I want it!"

"No - It's mine! I listen to Shakira. She sang that Whatever, Whenever song, right?"

"Oh come on! Give it to me. Please?"

"Well whats in it for me?"

(leans in and gives me a kiss on the cheek)

"A kiss on the cheek! What are you, my aunt!? You're gonna have to do better than that! Shakira is make out material."

(tall hot girl thinks a moment, gets approval from friend, and gives Mike Conti an enjoyable Valentine's locklip)

"Enjoy your Shakira CD."

What was even more funny was the drunk message I left her later that night. It was along the lines of:

"Hey its Mike, the Shakira guy. Hey listen I went home and got my Celione Dion and 10,000 Maniacs CDs. Do you like them? Please say yes."


It was a good time. Some other good news:

-I ordered a digital camcorder. My plan is to shoot some shorts and post them on the net. I think it will be fun. And funny for you, the viewer.

-Soon I'll have a new computer. My buddy JGro is making me a playaplaya comp for a bargain. Will be a HUGE upgrade from my 6-year-old-HP-Windows-98ing-machine.

-I planned a vacation. Me and some buddies are going to be in Daytona Beach, FL for a few nights in mid-March. You guys (and by guys I mean girls who look good in bikinis) should come! Has anyone ever been to Daytona? Help me out...I've never been and would like some info on what to do, what to check out, etc before we head down there.


Ajax said...

Hey I need a new computer too please have g-ro construct one for me as well, thanks.

Oh, and "haha".

emertron said...

OMG! My dad's going to be in Daytona during that time. You two should meet. I bet you'd get along fabulously. (you both like to get drunk & look at women)

brianna said...

for celine dion i'd think you could at least get a boobie shot... maybe even boobie in mouth... but it depends on which album it is... the possibilities are endless...

Tim said...

I'll give you a hug for your 10,000 maniacs cd.

TinaPoPo said...

Come on, Tim. You've done more than hug for Natalie Merchant. How do you explain your box set?

Sean said...

Dude, I went to Daytona..wait it was Ft. Lauderdale. Nevermind.

Conti said...

Another thing that was funny is one of this girls friends jokingly offered a bj for the DVD.

Conti said...

and i'll take a manhug, tim. deal.

and ajax i'll have him build you a computer that makes your blogg pink again like the olden days.

Steph said...

I am cracking up at the message you left the chick. So classic of you........Sean now calls you his new BFF b/c of that. Nice.

P.s. too bad your in Daytona mid-march and not Early April. I will be out that way, we could have hooked up.

Steph said...

p.s.s. by "hooked up" I meant going out for a ham sandwich lunch..

Melissa said...

My boyfriend went to Daytona for Spring Break when he was single but I find that hard to believe since it was impossible for him to have fun and a life before he met me. Anyway, we're having a party on Saturday, you should stop by if you're in the neighborhood. But you'll probably be in Austin because I'm in Houston that weekend. Always works out that way. ;)

Conti said...

Steph just offered me sex over the comment board!

And yes I'll be in Austin this weekend. But the weekend after that I'm H-Townbound.

ica said...

what is Chik-Fil-A ??

daytona?? por que?

RitMeyer said...

I wish I could be of assistance in your Dayton request. There are several places including Dayton that I have vacationed at a la spring break time and the only evidence is photographic...no memories. Well, in Cancun I remember a guy running down the hotel hallway blowing and whistle grab me, lean me back and throw tequlia down my throat. I love vacations. I think.

RitMeyer said...

blowing A whistle. Not and.

Christine said...

I'm not sure Daytona is ready for Mike Conti. Congrat's on the kissy trade.

Anonymous said...

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