4 Days Away! OMG!

The key to getting a Valentines Day date is looking sensational and having good karma that allows love to fill your body. A good way to get positive karma is by doing something special for mankind.


Free fake moustaches (3)

I am a very creative and hairy man. I used a hot glue gun and some freshly shaved back hair to make 3 fake moustaches. These are great looking moustaches for you. They are dark brown, thick, and very sleek looking. Perfect for a young businessman who wants respect from older gentlemen. Also good for teenagers who want to impress friends.

Email me with questions. First come, first serve. No magicians or women.


From Mirin:

for real?

From Eaus:

I'll take two

From Fred:

Please, tell me they aren't all gone yet, I was tardy in responding andcan't find the ad any longer, I'm certain it isn't gone because of flagging.

I mean, there are outright asses who will flag most anything on Craig'sList but even they, as heartless and cruel as they are, certainly wouldn'tdeprive the less fortunate of us our hirsute happiness!!!!

I have often dreamed, while watching my numerous betamax recordingsof Magnum PI and McCloud, of walking into a room and seeing the lookson the faces of all the womenfolk when they saw my dark flowing lipdrapes.

Oh I will be so lost should now that I have that possibility within my grasp,it is clipped right out from under my nose. Well, figuratively at least.Certainly you could make another one out of what is left, no?

Oh the horror.


Anonymous said...

thank you mike, for making my day....it been a while since i posted...how have things been?

Ajax said...

No magicians? What am I supposed to tell Stallion?

Leslie said...

why give them away? back hair moustaches are a hot commodity!

Whatsername said...

it got removed!?

haroldgibson50218459 said...

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el Bow said...

Hi Harry. You have nothing interesting to say.

Sean said...

removed. booo

Conti said...

I'm glad I made your day anonymous...I am doing awesome, thanks for asking. How and who are you?

Tell Stallion its nothing personal, Ajax. I just think if a magician truly wants a moustache he should use a growth spell and grow it himself.

Not to worry Leslie, I grow back hair at a very rapid rate. Soon I'll have another fresh batch.

And my first porn link! Boy!

Christine said...

Mmmmm hirsute! Fred = Hawt!!!

Have you ever made a moustachio with your pube trimmings? Assuming that you trim your pubes, which I'm sure you do because you're a nice, clean manboy.

Not that I'm interested.

Anonymous said...

lets just say i am an old friend....lets just say

ica said...

why would it be flagged? that's not against craigslist rules to the best of my knowledge

brianna said...

one day left. whatever are you going to do???

el Bow said...

so do you trim your pubes?

Steph said...

you are so funny.

Ajax said...

I can't compete with XXX.

the pants said...

hi mike. i hope you get some sweet love today, or at least a discount on hookers. my favorite thing about that porn spam is that the url is the same one as the one that spammed for awhile about "my life as a park ranger" or whatever. haha. anyways, merry blowjobs-for-chocolate day.

Ajax said...

0 days left (and counting).

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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