My sister

Happy 21st Birthday to my baby sister Christina! Christina is an amazing sister and today is her special day. She means a lot to me and probably knows me better than anyone on the planet. Even though I've never fought louder or longer or meaner with anybody else, she means so much to me. I've adored her since the day she was born and I couldn't be more proud of her. You turned into such a beautiful young woman Christina. I've never worried about you because I know I don't have too. You're so strong. Have fun tonite Teens! I love you!

I'm sure my mom read that too and she's crying a little bit. Don't cry on the new computer mom! You'll short out the wires! Don't you remember Johhny 5 is Alive?! You can't get electronics wet mom! Oh now your forwarding the link on to Dad!? Oh mom! I know you all too well.