Robot 03432

My injury-prone robot accidently got water on him so he short-circuited and now he has human emotions. Like he feels sad when he lasers poor people and things like that. It's pretty gay because I don't like when robots show emotions. Robots should be two things:


Robots also have very much knowledge and they analyze using percentages. For instance, a robot knows that 50% of all ducks have vaginas. Robots hate art because they cannot create it. Robots only care for production and destruction.

I am a robot, look at me draw.
I am a robot, look at me draw.
I am a robot, look at me draw.
I am a robot, look at me draw.


emertron said...

What is your robot name? Mine is Emertron.

Can we start a robot club? I would like to meet other robots to destroy things with. Production is overrated.

Ajax said...

Robots! Man's greatest achievement-slash-enemy!

Funny you should write about robots, because my website is all about keeping robots out of your yard. Check it out if you get the chance, even if you don't have a yard, a lot of the advice is applicable to other robot situations, like:

Keeping robots out of restaurants

Keeping robots out of the government

Keeping robots off golf courses

Or, if you'd rather be killed by robots, then don't read it. Me? I choose to be "ready".

Sean said...

I didn't really like that movie to much. I think Will Smith "Jumped the Shark" when he did this.

nk said...

Man! I'm so glad I watched AI! It dispelled that misheld myth that robots can have feelings, too.

the pants said...

i am a robot look at me drink.

Dean said...

Dan has poor aim.

TinaPoPo said...

You should put this to music. It would be lovely.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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