I think I have a job to do

I will be blogging later on.

In the mean time, here are the DVDs that I own:

Indiana Jones Trilogy Set
Curb Your Enthusiasm Seas. 1
Curb Your Enthusiasm Seas. 2
Curb Your Enthusiasm Seas. 3
Da Ali G Show Seas. 1
Da Ali G Show Seas. 2
Forrest Gump
The Shawshank Redemption
Office Space
Band of Brothers
To Kill A Mockingbird
The Royal Tenenbaums
Reno 911 Seas. 1
Napoleon Dynamite
Batman Begins
Pirates of the Caribean



emertron said...

Hey, could I borrow your Da Ali G Show set?

Ajax said...

Wooooohooo DVD list ! Awesome!

Christine said...

Nice list! Band of Brothers was awesome.

el Bow said...

I was just going to ask about borrowing your To Kill a Mockingbird but then I realised that you are in Region 1, and I'm in region 2. Any chance you would buy a Region 2 copy and lend it to me?

It really is a bother making my way down to the rental shop.

explauren said...

you shoould hit up arrested development-- from the looks of your collection, you would love it.

fusselman's rabbit said...

indiana jones, aww man, i haven't seen those in forever. i'm going to go rent one right now.

Sean said...

Indiana Jones Tilogy set cannot be topped.

The Captain of the Ship said...

clearly, you are missing the strangers with candy box set.

the pants said...

yeah arrested development leaves a gaping hole in this collection.

Melissa said...

Can I borrow your Ali G set after Emertron? I promise I'll be nice to it.

Mike said...

Can I borrow your "Backdoor Honeys 3" (not listed) DVD?

Conti said...

haha yes sir. I have 2 copies. The first one doesn't work so well (sticky factor).

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