He's also responsible for the modern day assembly line

Today I'll be posting as Henry Ford:

This afternoon I'm going to test out my electronic buggie. That's right, my horseless carriage is almost complete. I'm looking forward to testing out this motor engine that I've been working on. Luckilies my shipment of gasoline came over from the arab lands. I think this petro will really give my engine some kick.

It's cold up here in Michigan...gosh I love the Great Lakes. I'll have to make sure and remind Ma to wear her wool jacket tonite. She can be forgetful. I find it ironic that I have to wear gloves in a state that is shaped like a glove. Maybe that isn't so ironic...I'm not sure.

Today at the factory the boys and I were messing around with the rubber wheelio's that we plan to put on the buggie. I came up with the idea that rubber would work better than shaped driftwood. I was working hard on the idea when I look up and see that Lenny Chevrolet snooping around.

That's the third time I've caught old Lenny snooping around this week! What a second-rate yahoo, that Chevrolet is. That guy really tee's me off. Haha, tee's. I like the letter 'T'. Why it's my favorite letter of all time, I just decided.

Anyways I hope people like my horseless carriage. If all goes well maybe I'll place an advertisement in the local pennypaper. Saying something like "Come on down to Henry Ford's place and test ride a horseless carriage for yourself! I guarentee you'll be amazed! And bring the kids!" Something along those lines, anyways.

Well I better be getting on now. Ma will raise hell if I don't wash the lube oil off my hands before supper.

Yours Truly,

Henry Ford


Ajax said...

Ha, that's great Henry. My mom is a bitch too (I feel your pain).

Hey check out my website if you get a chance, you might like it, it's a Koala Fetish site. Dunno if that is your 'thing' or what.

Melissa said...

My boyfriend once wanted to create a product called Lucky Lube.It would basically be sex lube in a tube that you could put on your keychain because you never know when you'll need some lube.

This post reminded me of that.

Sean said...

I think you have a fondness of a museum one day. And you may be interested in starting a health system..

Oh, and take care of your children and grandchildren. We'd hate for them to grow up and be douchebag football owners who don't know how to run a team. You know, give them some direction.

Anonymous said...

Too see Conti's special someone check out


emertron said...

Wait, what happened to the part about Eli Whitney's 2nd most famous invention?

Anonymous said...

Is that really your special someone, Conti? She has nice drawers.

Conti said...

she is my future special someone.

Paul said...

Screw Chevrolet, it's that guy "Honda" who washes the floor who you have to look out for.

Tim said...

Who's Henry Ford? Did you mean Henry Winkler?

Adrian said...

Are you really in Michigan? Or did you just have a strong urge to write as Henry Ford?
If you are in MI, or will be sometime, you should hop in a horseless carriage and come visit two of your biggest fans.

Anonymous said...

If you're posting as Henry Ford, you forgot the anti-semitism.