Oh, a camera!

On Sunday night I saw a comedic genius at work. One of the funniest men in America. I told jokes in front of the mirror. JJ (Just joking (the NEW jk (just kidding))).

But I did see Dave Chappelle live.

My sister and I didn't have tickets, but we headed down to the Erwin Center anyways. We decided we'd make like Indians and scalp that shit.

Since the event had sold out months ago and the show was an hour away everyone was asking for $100 a piece. I talked a guy down to $90 a piece but he got upset after I told him I couldn't do anything higher than $80 each. After that encounter an attractive blonde girl and her tall asian boyfriend came up to us.

"Are you trying to buy tickets? Our friends bailed on us, so we have two extra tickets. We'll give them to you for face value."

Angels I tell ya. Angels! After a cash exchange we were in like sin. We didn't even check to see where our seats were because we didn't care. We were about to see Chappelle! After circling the entire arena we couldn't find our seating section so I went up to an employee.

"Excuse me. If we keep walking this way will we get to section 7?"
"Oh no. Section 7 is on the floor. Just head down any stairwell towards the stage."

3rd row, man. THIRD ROW. We were probably 20 feet from the stage.

Dave was hilarious. We heard about an hour of brand new material. I could try and paraphrasize what he talked about but it wouldn't give it any justice. I will tell you he spent a good half hour talking about subjects relating to his balls. And he did come out and make fun of himself by saying that the media was right about him being crazy and if anyone shouts out anything to him he'll go back to South Africa.

He's so good at what he does.

Thats all I have to say really. My Sunday was a lot better than yours. See ya.


Ajax said...

I went to see Dave Chappelle when he came to San Francisco, but I screwed up and somehow went to see Dave LaChappelle instead and we ended up just having gay sex for 14 hours, which was okay but I was still bummed about missing the real Dave Chappelle who everyone says is "so funny".

ica said...

Wow that's so cool. Your Sunday really WAS better than mine.

Melissa said...

Um, I doubt your Sunday was better than mine because I went to go eat at Freebirds and had a Monster Burrito and everyone knows that Monster Burritos on spinach tortillas are way better than Dave Chappelle.

Anonymous said...

not mine either, i had sex

el Bow said...

I road my motorcycle through Scotland on Sunday. Did your wonderful Dave Chappelle take you to Scotland on a motorcycle? I thought not.

emertron said...

Ha ha ha. Chappelle!

Did he bring Tron with him? Was Ashy Larry there?

Ha ha ha. World Champion Dice Game.

Sean said...

i need to find out if and when he comes to the D.

Tim said...

I saw Charlie Murphy and Ashy Larry a few months ago. Funny, but certainly no Chappelle.

Pat Sajak said...

I'm more of a Gallagher man, myself.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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