I hope you get this

Genqui Borat!

I like show that you make. I like very good. I come United States 3 years and adjust to America life. You help me with customs of these people. You teach me many things. I work now for Subway company. I make beef sandwiches and vegetables. You see chunk man with eyeglasses name Jared? He my boss.

I write you because I have problem. My wife complain of transport to me. She no like ride bus for fear of rape from chocolate man or meximen. She tell me that they stare and grab her anus side. She tell me bus smell like pregnant horse. She tell me buy car for transport to work. She tell me buy a car so we drive to grocery store and no walk 20 mile.

Will you help with me? How I buy car? Can I trade my small child Skrita for car? Will car businessman give me discount if I let him touch my khrem tip? Thank you for report and teach me.

Kazakhstan Pride,

Zeke Bolafi


Ajax said...

I am not feeling Borat.

But I should add, if you can't touch someone's anus side on the bus, then where can you?


explauren said...
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explauren said...

a pregger horse? would that be the smell of horse pee? that's how they try to get cows pregnant-- spray pee on the cow to attract other cows an viola! cowsex happens!

Borat Sagdiyev said...

I am happiness that you enjoy having America and a good job at the underground rail transit. I can pay you 100 dollar for small child Skrita. Maybe you soon go to home to visit me in Kazakhstan where we have the incredible natural resources, hard working labour and some of cleanest prostitutes in whole of Central Asia. Much prosperity Zeke.

Conti said...

haha someone got it!

Sean said...

throw the jew down the well.

Bolafia Marahavasha said...

Zeke, Borat,

Your mother womb is goats. It is not complain that I do for the transport and meximens. I having new sadness when Zeke give khrem tip everywhere. He think now to get money for that. Mens come to small house having happiness for khrem but we no make store of this.

I do not sell Skrita now. Skrita will keep go to small school with the women fat and white. We are four Good News Bible for send him there.

For Zeke: I and small child Skrita not having room in house for your roast meat smells. Take the breads from transit shop to me here.

Bolafia Marahavasha

Anonymous said...

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