Wrestling! WWE Smackdown! American male bloodthirst! I don't follow wrestling, but I decided to buy tickets because acting like an idiot is pretty much my favorite hobby.

I took Lauren M to the event. I decided to take her because she is attractive and fit and would be a good distraction for the other wrestlers if I were called on stage for a match. I was hoping that would happen. I wore my most comfortable sneakers just in case some queer called me out and I'd have to wrestle in front of everyone.

Lauren made signs for us to hold up. They were pretty sick signs. My sign said Me Gusta Your Best Move! and Attack! And Then Pin! Celebration!

The best part of the night was yelling. I kept on yelling "No Mercy!" and "Get that queer out of the ring" and everyone around me agreed. I also yelled "Finish him. Finish this loser!" and things like that.

I was really impressed with the wrestlers and how tough they were. One guy got hit in the face 3 times with a pipe, but was able to wrestle in another match an hour later. His face didn't even look bruised!
At this point I saw the flames and wanted to wrestle. The crowd was cheering and I wanted everyone to know that I was very tough. There was also a babe prouncing around the wrestling mat and I wanted her to be impressed with my moves. This did not happen, however, and so I sat down and clapped with my hands.

We were actually really close to the stage. Since I'm so rich I bought ringside tickets to let everyone know. Do you see that silver fist that was hovering around the ring? That was really something, huh?

There were some really cool hero's there. These 3 mexican guys rode to the ring in riding lawn mowers. They were wearing underwear that looked like the flag of mexico. "Latin Heat! Latin Heat!" everyone got up and yelled as they entered the arena for their battle royale. I wanted to cheer out loud as well but I'm not hispanic and didn't know if it'd be inapporiate to scream out.

Also the Undertaker was there. He's real big and ugly and I'd let him have my wallet if he asked for it. That's all I really have to say about that.

My favorite was seeing Rey Mysterio Jr. He is this little guy with a big heart. He wears a mask to respect Rey Mysterio Sr., or something. Anyways Rey was fighting and getting railed by this guy twice his size. But the crowd wanted Rey to win, so they started chanting his name and stomping their feet on the ground. It was amazing...the louder the crowd was, the more Rey fought back. Rey ended up coming back and doing a high flying move to end the match. It was pretty emotional for the entire crowd.

It was a really fun night. I'd tell you more but I just wrote a longg blogg about wrestling...and that kinda creeps me out. That and I have to go to the mall to buy a red speedo. And a cape. And a fold-out chair.