Let's play some beisbol

I dare you to shave your eyebrows and mix them with peanutbutter and then have a peanutbutter and eyebrow sandwich

This weekend I went to Houston and watched the Houston Astros play outstanding baseball. I love baseball. I played in little league alot. I played 3rd base and catcher.

Being a catcher was really interesting. You got to put on a mask and everyone would always ask me if I was wearing a cup. Both my parents and all these coaches would ask me if I was wearing a cup.

"Wearing your cup, right Conti?"
"Yes Mom"
"Yes Dad"
"Yes Coach Ramirez"
"Yes Coach Sweeney"
"Yes Coach Hill"

Everyone has been obsessed with my crank for as long as I can remember.

Catching is also cool because you have an old-guy-umpire bending over you all game. "A little bit outside. Ball," he'd say into my ear. Umpires wear masks too so thats a great bond there.

I love catching so much that my all-time favorite baseball player is a catcher. His name is Tony Eusebio.

Do you know what Tony Eusebio looks like? No? Oh, here you go then:

That's him. That's Tony. He's the most impressive baseball player I've ever seen. I'd tell you more about him but I wouldn't know where to begin.

I will say this though...

I voted for Tony Eusebio in the 2004 presidential elections. I wrote him in. I figured he would be looking for a new career since he retired from baseball a year before. I didn't know much about Bush or Kerry but I knew a lot about Eusebio so I voted him in. I'm kinda sad it didn't work out. Eusebio has a lot of heart. That would be nice to see in DC.

I dare you to shake dandruff into your own open bloody wound.


Ajax said...

What about this guy?

Tim said...

I know someone who ate a pubic hair sandwhich.

Melissa said...

I knew a guy who claimed to use pubic hair as floss. T.M.I?

Sean said...

I have to admit, I am a closet Tony Eusebio fan. But he's no Tony Pena.

I'm not even going to let you disagree. I guarantee you did the Tony Pena Catcher's stance at one point in your pre-pubescent days. We all did.

Melissa said...

Wait a minute, wait a minute! You were in Houston and didn't call? I can't be your friend anymore. :(

the pants said...

my favorite player is edgar martinez circa 1995-98. i made a sign that said "edgar double-a-day" once that got on the news. get it? see ya.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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