Craig, meet Hairy

I hope to accomplish a lot through Craig's List. I hope I get someone to help me out:


Also let me know if you are interested. We could talk blogs while you get to work.

If I get any responses I'll post them here:

1st Response

Hey there,

You looking for girls only to help you with the shaving? I have clippers to shave if you want. Nothing sexual just helping a bud out. You could do mine and I do yours. Get back if intersted.

Mark J

2nd Response

Electrolysis bro!

3rd Response

Dude, i have the same problem. Waxing...would you be willing to trade doing that? Any other guys need this done? i'm willing to, for trade, NON-SEXUAL!

4th Response

Have you considered getting it waxed? It smarts for an instant or so, but it lasts longer than 10-days and it's much smoother.


Anonymous said...

Van on the run
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, Hey, you have a great blog here! I'm definitely going to bookmark you!
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Come and check it out if you get time :-)

Anonymous said...

Same Goal, Different Tack
Activists want politicians to sound like them, but that's not always the way to get things done.

see my site at Pikes Peak

the pants said...

hey, i have a hairball collection now, if you come up to washington i'll be happy to make a new one for you.

Scubes said...

I'd shave you if I lived in Texas.

TinaPoPo said...

Conti, I can't help but think you weren't planning on such a strong male contingent in the reply section. Good luck with that singing thing, though.

Tim said...

I've heard that before. They say it's "non-sexual", but suddenly you've got two fingers up your ass and they're not your own.

Conti said...

I have a hunch that these guys that are responding want to sex me.

Sean said...

i have a feeling 2 out of the 4 read your blog. The other 2 want to sex you.

emertron said...

That would be some wig.

Christine said...

Creepy! Yup, Hairy Marky J definitely wants some Conti lovin. It's all fun and games until someone waxes an ass! Ask Tim, he seems to know just how fast things can go horribly wrong. Thanks for sharing, Tim. That must have been painful.

erin said...

why in hell are you keeping your shoes and socks on??? (that was my favorite part)

erin said...
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Anonymous said...

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