work is so so so busy

Does anyone want to trade baseball cards on Friday?

I have tons of all-stars. My favorite baseball card makers are Topps, Donruss, Upper-Deck, and Fleer.

I have a lot of 1997 Mike Mussina's. Do you have any Albert Belle's?

I bought 2 new packs of cards, so you can have one of my pieces of bubble gum.

My prize card is this 1990 Leaf Frank Thomas rookie card. I won't trade it. Not unless you have a Nolan Ryan or something.

You can come over on Friday after school. We'll watch 'Where in the World Is Carmen SanDiego?' and trade baseball cards. Those guys that use their voices instead of instruments for songs are awesome. I luv geography.

Anyways bring your baseball cards and we'll trade.


Melissa said...

Will your mom make Stouffer's and have Sunny D? If she does, I'm totally there!

Rook said...

I have some albert belle's, I also have some Manny Ramirez's, but I prefer basketball cards. I have this siiiiiicccckkkkkk Kobe Bryant card that Ill trade you for 3 screw cds and a snickers bar.

Sean said...

I have a couple error cards. But you'd have to give me that sweet unopened pack of 92 upper deck rookies.

Tim said...

I was looking at my cards about a month ago when I moved. I have a Danny Ainge baseball card.

Conti said...

Melissa- my mom's more of the popcorn and orange juice type

Rook- I have this awesome hologram card of Damon Stoudamire that I'd trade

Sean- You have 92 rookies? Do you have the Jeff Kent in the Blue Jays uniform? What about any Pat Listach's? Let me know, I'm interested

Tim- Weird. I have a Bo Jackson but thats about as cross-sports as I get.

Sean said...

I may. Do you have any mark mcgwire team usa olympic cards? I like garbage pail kids too. If you have Adam Bomb, lets work out a deal.

Conti said...

No Mark McGwire USA cards but I do have a 1986 Topps Barry Bonds rookie card from the traded set.

It's very valuable.

Throw in all your Will Clark's and then we'll talk.

jootastic said...

I can honestly say that I've never ever read your blog before, but you've cracked me up. I may come back.

Anonymous said...

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