This is The Tollhouse. He is in Austin.


Ajax said...

Are you trying to frighten me?

Hey I got your CD's in the mail. It made me laugh. I showed it to people.

"Look, this guy in Austria made this for me!" I said.

The only CD player that will play mp3's is in Ghengis' room, so we sat down and put it on.

"Gosh, there sure is a lot of swearing" I said.

I am considering putting subwoofer's in my car now.

Christine said...

Nice eyes, hot stuff!!;) You look happy..or in pain, one of the two.

Conti said...

That's the Tollhouse by the way.

Conti said...


Yeah cussing is what rapping is all about. You NEED to let everyone know how tough you are.

Conti said...


He was happy and in pain at the same time. He gave himself a drunken haircut.

I wish I were joking.

Christine said...

"That's the Tollhouse by the way."

My bad!

Anonymous said...

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