The See Yaa Tip

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Lauren Mc-C. said...

oh man. you are the bigggggeeest dork ever ever ever :) i looove it! let's church it up next week!?

Tim said...

Conti's cool.
See yaaa!

Conti said...

lmac- i'll church it up with you whenever, wherever

tim- you're learning!

princess tatas said...

Conti, you are one odd duck, see yaaaa.
In the area where I was raised, there is a word that is used for precisely the use you seem to need. The word is "Mah". So, you say your joke, or even something that could have been taken the wrong way, and then you say "Mah". And then everyone will laugh and some people may say "wah". :)

the pants said...

thanks a lot conti, i spit coffee on my laptop listening to that. my seven key isn't working now.

emertron said...

From now on you are to say "ice cream cake" in place of "please"

Seee yaaaaa

Conti said...

Sorry about that, pants.

And just to rub it in your face


see yaaaa

Ajax said...

I like this idea a lot. I especially appreciated not one, not two, but three examples. There is no substitute for clear examples, I always say.

Conti said...

thanks ajax. i really think its important to get my point across in a manner that everyone can apprecaite. was there an example that made the most sense to you?

feedback is essential when teaching a new skill.

Ajax said...

With the first example, I felt that my understanding of your technique was "passable". I had a glimpse of understanding (if you will).

Then I was suprised by the second example, because most people stop at just one. I listened, and my understanding gathered "scope". I could see you construct stretching out in ways that I had not imagined after only hearing your first example.

By the time the third example came, I was thinking maybe I woke up on another planet - a many-exampled planet, like Saturn. I got really excited because I haven't been off-planet in ages, and I now understood not just your idea, but all ideas, infinitely on through infinity and other universes.

Anonymous said...

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