Probably In 2010

One day I'm going to buy a cottage in Canada and I'm just going to run around with a gun. I'm just going to run around Canada flashing my gun around. I'll probably just shoot my gun in the air and at wild bears but I'll probably scare a lot of people that are hiking and shit.

And the thing is I'll probably have this awesome look on my face. I'll have this really important look on my face. And I'll have this awesome gun that I can just shoot at the hillside.

Shooting and missing is really funny. I'd probably just run really fast into this tourist center and I'll shout "Duck!" and then I'll shoot my gun at the postcard center and then run to some other part of Canada.

I wouldn't give a shit if its cold. I know that Canada is cold but I'll be wearing a short sleeve shirt because I'll be all working out from running so much. Like this awesome sweat will drip from my hairline and it will get caught on my eyebrow and I'll wipe it off with my gun and just feel so cool.

Then I'd be low on ammo and I'd run into some hidden cave and there would be ammo there. Then I'd shoot the gun at this huge ice wall and probably the ice wall would split open and I'd be sliding on icicles and be shooting the gun at the same time at invisible enemies.

One day I'm going to buy a cottage in Canada and I'm going to run around with a gun.


emertron said...

Dear Conti,

Inspired by H. S. Thompson, I tried doing that when I lived in the mtns in CO & they kicked me out of the town & said not to come back. Guess where my family reunion is this winter? ha ha ha! I'll bring my gun, wanna come with?

(heart), emmy

ica said...

I'll write you letters once they catch you, if you're interested.

Conti said...

Whos this Hiss guy and why did he kick you out of the mountains?

I prefer running around with my gun by myself. But maybe we can stretch afterwards together. (But maybe we can afterwards stretch together? (But maybe we can together stretch afterwards? (What a WEIRD sentence)))

Also Jessica, is it illegal to do this in Canada or something?

Wirthy said...

You can shoot and kill Canadians. They don't even care!

Christine said...

It's true, we don't. You can do whatever you want here. You wanna marry your cousin, go for it, if it doesn't work out, you can always grab your gun and shoot her. We're cool like that! Just don't shoot the beavers. They're my friends. I pet them and feed them grub. I'm known as beaver girl around these parts.

emertron said...

Dear Conti:
Hunter S. Thompson used to run around Aspen on his ranch in his shorts without shoes on or something & shoot his gun. I thought maybe I should start it in Breckenridge but they were all like "this is family oriented" & shit. I joined the community theater group instead.
heart, emmy

ange said...

hmmmm. what a weird thing to want to do!i hate guns.

Conti said...

i hate creepy eyeballs in a picture frame

Anonymous said...

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