Just some pictures, ya'll

Work is crazy so I haven't had time to write much. So here are a few pictures from this last weekend...

This is The Tollhouse. His dog Kody is white and puffy. His sister Ally is perky and hot. He asked me 4 times in 3 hours if I had read the book "Demons and Angels." He was excited to see me when I picked him up at the airport, but was more excited to see a Mr. Gatti's pizza buffet as we drove through Austin.

This was Ahmed trying to get creative with his camera, I think. Also, some people's arms. And an Asian man's face. We were all pretty messy so no one really took pictures. We were all focused on not throwing up.

There, thats my face. I didn't do a very good job of aiming that camera, I guess. Happy Wednesday Naked Forehead Day or whatever you queers do. Also notice the west coast gang sign that Chris is throwing up. Problem is he lives in Virginia. I'd watch your back, man.

I should be able to normal-blog soon. I love you all, so, so, much.


Melissa said...

Angels and Demons is awesome...and we love you too :)

Conti said...

hey melissa we played some good drunk-party-phone tag this weekend, didn't we?

bob said...

lol oh..i'm seeing you opening your eyes well...
but unfortunately didnt see nothing yet ..

Ghassene said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Ghassene said...

Just as I suspected - a bunch of white-ass ignorant fucks who spent their evenings in sausage fests, drinking beer and then passing out naked on each other. Do you take advantage of your drunk generic friends (aka James, Darren and Brad)?

I pity you, small boy.

You trash our blogs beacsue deep inside you got no artistic taklent whatsoever, just look at your blog, IT SUCKS cock.

Stay away from our blog, you ignorant Texan fuck. Instead go to your favorite restaurant Applebee's and stuff a polish sausage up yours.

Ghassene said...

Oh, If the way I write bothers you then get up and go get your mom's 300$ spelling checker software - peace suckaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Conti said...

haha! blog war! blog war!

I never trashed your site. I have a sense of humor and thought you did as well.

And did you really say "Stay away from our blog"? No prob, Bob + Overlord.

Hey thanks for the pity, though. I'm having a pity party later so that works out perfect.

Conti said...


Go start another blog that has 230 writers but only gets 2 comments per post.


Jeff said...

Dear GASC(AW)NYK Simian Overlord,

I've never met you. You're an asshat. Here's why!

1. your taste in art is dictated by anything but subjectivity and that makes me wanna kick you in the balls. that is, if you have any.
2. flaming other people on their blogs only gets you 30 scenester points which is not nearly enough to get you into that show with the band that rips of Pavement.
3. your assumptions about texas make you the biggest fucking hypocrite this side of liberalism.
4. i bet you used to serve at an applebee's...am i right? you seem like the no-talent ass clown that would fuck up my order.

the next time you feel so inclined to start a flame war why not just go whackoff to some of your myspace friends' pictures. it saves me the time from worrying that society lets people like you use computers.


p.s. get a fucking sense of humour...i know its hard with all those pent-up emotions from when daddy hit you or touched you in a weird way, but hell, i got over it, so can you.


Melissa said...

Aw, poor guy, it's not his fault he's from Canada. It must be hard knowing you're not from a REAL country ;)

Anyway, Conti, phone tag was fun. We should do it again and then meet up at Applebees for some of their good, um, what does Applebees serve anyway? Mr. Ass Hat Simian Overlord, can you please read us the menu? Thank you.

bob said...

"It must be hard knowing you're not from a REAL country"..

but what is a REAL country?

TinaPoPo said...

Conti, can I come to your pity party?

And also, where did you get $300 spell checker software? Because I paid over $46,700 for mine and would love to know about a great deal.

Leslie said...

i heart blog wars! and believe me, i KNOW from blog wars.

but dude. what the crap?? did you kill this guy's father?

e3bh said...

yo you fucking nucca ass bitches, el valseurez is making a one nite special to tell you that i had sex with your italian cousins. stay in texas and inbreed until yo white ass cross burning sodomites are off the map. keep posting pics of your jive parties because we give two of em, fucks that is. i wish your blog was a mag so i could wipe my ass with it. your l33t speek is wack KKTHXBY MOTHERFUCKERS

- le valseur , fucking your wife since 1992

the pants said...

what, no panty shots? prude.

Christine said...

"it's not his fault he's from Canada. It must be hard knowing you're not from a REAL country ;)"

Oh Melizzle :0 Fucking Beeeeotch!! ;) Hahaha
Seriously though, Canada is a real Country! No really!

Conti, nice pics dude! I don't know why I thought the Tollhouse was a bar or something. I should stop commenting at weird hours of the night. Do you pluck? Because your eyebrows are very pretty!

PS. Your blog rocks my world! Muahh!

Adrian said...

I realize that there is a serious blog war going on, but I have a very important issue to discuss with you, Conti.
09/10/05-Texas vs. Ohio State
As an OSU alum, I feel the need to tell you that your #2 ranking will soon fall.
Although I'm not really sure about this prophecy, I will feel alot better about visiting your site every day, now that I've pissed on my territory.
PS Thanks for the "real" comment. It made my evening!

Ghassene said...

Keep it comming you frail white ass bishes -

I love your hate commentary - Conti, who says all this isn't really in the name of humour?

Good show - I have more important things to take care of now, but I wish all you fags were here so that I could cum on your faces, you know put some pazzaz in your boring lives (and get rid of your facial acne at the same time)

Yes Canada is a real country, at least we got wood - what do you have in Texas? Fucking little narrow-asses fags like you, a couple of oil rods and a couple of rabbid old fucks with shotguns - oh and Applebee's.

Keep eating your 50burgers for 50cents and fingering your fat drunk child-hood cousins

See we don't av dads touching heir kids here in Canada - but you guys do, that's the least of your worries though I would take it like man if I were you, go waste your bbreath on that moron of a president you so proundly suport - if only you knew you, bunch a brainwashed teens with delusions of reality.

Very cool blog I have to say, you are one original individual conti, we need ppl like you pushing the limits of creativity!

'I like hotties' and 'hot girls' lol - not with that little dinky of yours you aint.
Take your 10$ and go grab yourself a black 2-way dildo, make sure you lube it up though Conti don't wanna tear a second asshole ok? Cuz if you'r downing Applebee's special roastbeef everyday you want a solid exit-route

Keep'em comming son

Ghassene said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Ghassene said...

I do have a sense of humour, hence all of this, mmmmmmmk?

Conti said...

Jeff- I haven't heard an argument that good since your 2nd paper in rhetoric of feminism

tina-haha of course you can come to the pity party. just be ready for a good cry! and i got that great deal at a garage sale

leslie- how did that blog war of yours ever turn out? it was going pretty strong when we last chatted

etardo- etardo? etardo?

adrian- ohhhhhhh man this weekend is going to be huge. austin is counting down the seconds until kick-off. i can't wait until saturday. i apologize in advance: if we lose i'll call you a dirty bitch.

christine- you are the first person to ever compliment my eyebrows and i'll remember you forever for that

gasc- So you're telling me that your cum works better than ProActive? That's seriously something special (tsss). Also, we don't use dildo's down in texas. We use pinecones.

Melissa said...

Christine, I know Canada's a real country but I just wanted to take a cheap shot at Overlord. I love Canada, I mean, everytime I wonder about what I should do I ask myself "What would Ryan Adams do?" ;)

Conti said...

Canada would be great if it weren't for all the Canadians


Jeff said...

these fucking hosers come here and start a blog war and then just say "teehee, j/k! omg!"

what a bunch of backtracking hosers

Ghassene said...

Good show guys - peace on

lol Pinecombs haha good one!

Anonymous said...

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