Houston the Hero

I drove back to Austin this last weekend with a headache. It wasn't the normal "I can't believe I drank 2 gallons of beer last night" headache though. This one was different.

The inside of my face hurt from the testosterone wall that I build up everytime I want to cry. The type of headache that gives me dark circles under my eyes and makes it hard to speak without a quiver. The type of headache that aspirin won't send away.

I've before mentioned how proud I am to be a Houstonian. The last few days, however, has taken my pride to another level. I feel the way the city of Houston has responded to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina needs to be shared.

Everyone else has seen the horrific images and changed life the last week has produced. I'm not going to even pretend like I know what to write and think about that. The bad has been talked about, but I'm not sure the good has.

Around 200,000 Katrina victims have flooded Houston, Texas. They are staying in our homes, hotels, and stadiums. They are jobless, homeless, and when they arrived, hopeless. But the Bayou City changed that.

At local church's, refugees are asked to stand up. They received a hero's welcome, many that include a standing ovation.

On FM radio stations, DJs ask for donations around the clock. $100 donation if you'd like to request a song. On AM stations, callers cry as they tell stories about how they've given money and volunteered, but wish they could do more.

The Astrodome is having to turn down volunteers because there are simply too many people and not enough to do.

The center for hosting a refugee family had to tell people to wait a few days before showing up. They were swamped with people and the lobby wasn't nearly big enough to hold all those willing to share their homes.

8-year-old children dedicated their holiday weekend to set up lemon-aid stands, where all money received was donated to the Red Cross. Older children washed cars for donations.

Even nightclubs are waiving cover charges and offering discounted drinks to people with valid Louisiana drivers licenses.

While it seems like the rest of the country is talking about George Bush, Kayne West, and FEMA, Houston has quietly stepped up and is handling the challenge its been presented with.

This situation isn't a burden to Houston. The attitude is not "How long will you be here?" The attitude is not "We'll do what we can." It's "Welcome to Houston. We're glad you're here."

And I think that's worth sharing.


TinaPoPo said...

And I'm glad you shared it. :) Now I'm all choked up. I wish I were from Houston.

Melissa said...

Woah, a serious Conti. I'm sort of looking forward to moving to Houston, really I am. At least there will be nice people there :)

Conti said...

No worries, I'll get unserious pretty soon here.

Jeff said...

let's see what those damn hosers say now! god, i hate french-canadians

Ghassene said...

Houston is pretty cool -

Just a quick word to Jerrrrff:

It's ok that you hate French-Canadians, I just had a look at that double-chinned pancake you call your face and your plain generic look, you would blend into the sidewalk in cities like Montréal and most probably get stepped on and shit.

I have to admit though, I thought Conti's blog sucked but after looking at yours I totally changed my mind. At least conti has good hits and decent content, (not too mention good flaming capabilities) you however my generic old-navy hugging friend , you are simply weak.

You're probably one of those guys that thinks he's really a woman, you go around parties looking for drunk girls take their pic and then post them on your site , then you call your friends, telling them to check out the 'hot biaatches' you are hanging out with. LOL.

But you know what Jerrrf? You still end up sleeping alone at night, ask a French-Canadian for tips on how to talk to girls, they aren't burgers, you gotta have CLASS to talk to good-looking girls, which you obviously lack,

I'll send you a bottle of French-Canadian Maple Syrup, just for you, and no it's not a canadian version of Preparation H in case you ddin't know.

Now go play patty-cake with your little sister Tracy and let ppl like us take care of serious business.

Melissa said...

And by saying "take care of serious business" he means overusing the abbreviation of LOL and attaching an R to Jeff's name.

Ghassene said...

You have some reading problems melissa, either that or you can't understand text; I wrote LOL twice. Funny how that's all you retained from what I typed. It's hopeless....


Ghassene said...

smell-this-a - there you can get one too

Clare said...

Trop bizarre! Here Conti is undergoing some serious painful sweetness, and all you dudes can do is bitch?
Conti, How 'bout our First Lady's comment about how the hurricane is "working well" for the underprivileged? She's not from Houston, right?

bob said...

i think only sweet attitudes..aren't enough sometimes...

Conti said...

She is from Houston

Ajax said...

Okayk, I take back my 'man-rape' comment (even though it's true).

Melissa said...

Conti, Ali and PK have declared Blog War on me, you must help!

ambs77 said...

That's awesome~