the facts

Great words that start with the letter S:

friendship time
sad gambling

Department Store Rankings:

1. Macy's
2. Foley's
3. JC Penny
4. Dillards
5. Sears

Ocean Rankings:

1. Arctic Ocean
2. Indian Ocean
3. Pacific Ocean
4. Atlantic Ocean
5. Sherman Ocean

Girls I'm Dating Rankings:

1. Kristen
2. Laura
3. Katie

A 7-letter poem written by Michael Conti, in the 2005th year:

The Haircut surprised me
Snip the pain

Keys on my Keychain Rank:

1. house key
2. mailbox key
3. house in houston key
4. car key
5. garage key

Moustchio Description Rankings:

1. sleek + smelly
2. bushy + waxed
3. curvy + itchy
4. thin + trim
5. sweaty


Jeff said...

fuck the sherman ocean!

Tim said...

The s in sexfactor is silent, so I don't think that should be on the list.

Melissa said...

I think Scanlan is pretty dope.

Conti said...

Scanlan isn't a good word but scantron is. That should be included, I think.

Ajax said...

Weird, my fav's are

1. Scabs
2. Succubus
3. Sally Struthers
4. Super Sabado Gigante

and the expression

5. "Sleazin' is Pleasin'"


As far as oceans go, I lean more like

1. Discontent
2. Calamine Lotion
3. "Motion of"
4. Atlantis

and #5 is actually an ocean/letter s crossover:

5. Seaman


As a bonus, here are my top five breakfast cereal makers:

1. Kellogg
2. Post
3. General Mills
4. Safeway brand
5. Quaker Oats


While I'm waiting, perhaps I will re-gale you with my top five "celebrity mishaps"

1. Ernest Borgenine spilling his soup
2. Sophia Loren stubbing toe
3. Edie Brickell-Simon accidentally putting orange juice on her breakfast cereal instead of milk!?!?!?!?!
4. Paris Hilton accidentally having sex
5. Stan "marvel comics" Lee taking credit for everything

see ya

Oh I see you're still reading? Well how about this: top five exclamatory utterances:

1. Oof!
2. Dang.
3. Ow!
5. Woof (sounds like "roof")

see ya

And now, the dirty stuff, top five female "areas":

1. Shoulder
2. Knee
3. wrist
4. Knuckle
5. Ankle

bonus: "tramp stamp"

Whoops! How could I forget the award winning top five reasons to quit school!

1. no reason
2. i felt like it
3. I'm not learning anything
4. School sucks
5. French teacher is hot

See ya.

Top five "______ a day" calendars:

1. Kitten
2. Kitten
3. Kitten
4. Kitten
5. Kitten

Top five maximum security prisons (this category belies a california bias, sorry!)

1. Attica
2. San Quentin
3. Folsom
4. Lompoc
5. My job

See ya!

Whoops! Now I'm late for something really important I was supposed to do today. Thanks.

Melissa said...

Scanlan is awesome!

Leslie said...

what about nordstrom?

Rod Renegade said...

I like it when the comments are like bigger than the post... it's kind of like well... like something... but I forgot.


princess tatas said...


mavis said...

I didn't get to read the Craig's List post either - please put it on yr blog - I'm dying to read it! Oh, please please please please.

Conti said...

craigs list updated!

emertron said...

To cross-reference another post, you missed Sorority. And Skank and Slut. Skank is a good "Ess" word. And who doesn't like a Slut?

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