My sister is a lot cooler than I am. I love her. Even though she doesn't like a lot of noise around her and isn't very good at Dr. Mario. Wanna hear a story about my baby sister Christina?

Christina was 3 and helping my mom bake a cake. How American and cute is that? Anyways my mom was reading the instructions to Christina.

"Ok It says to break 3 eggs into a bowl."

"How do I do that?"

"How do you do what, honey?"

"How do I break the eggs?"

"Oh honey, use your head. You've broken eggs plenty of times before."

Haha. I hope you can't see this coming.

But Christina picked up an egg and smashed it on her forehead.


My mom probably should have known at that point that Christina had ADD. Christina is a lot older now and doesn't cook often. Anyways she's up at school now and I'm very proud of her.

A side note: At this time it was 1988 and I was 6. I had a mullet. A real, full-fledged mullet. My mom still says to this day that I looked good. And you know what? I did. I'm very handsome.


TinaPoPo said...

Sadly, I too had a mullet, circa 1986. My mom still thinks it was the cutest haircut ever, second only to the Dorothy Hammill wedge cut of 1984.

Ajax said...

If you did your math right that means I'm 10,000 years old!

This story made me think of the following inspirational phrases:

"Hang in there!"

"I think I'm alergic to Mondays!"


"Laser surgery hair removal"

Conti said...

Tina - we should date and have mullet kids

Ajax - does that work on furry back hair?

the pants said...

i never had a mullet but in preschool i cut my bangs myself really far back and it looked really gay.

Melissa said...

I had a mullet once but I destroyed all pictures of me with a mullet so there is no proof of me having one.

emertron said...

The Mullet, a haiku:
Mullet Femullet
One is male one is female
Appalacian kids.

Tim said...

I want to get a mullet sometime soon.

TinaPoPo said...

Tim, maybe for your wedding? That always looks classy 20 years down the road when you look back at the pictures.

Tim said...

good thinking tina. Good thinking indeed.

Ashley said...

your sister sounds adorable :) I wish I had one

Conti said...

Ashley I have 2. I'll trade you one. What do you have of value?

Christine said...

Cute story!
My mom always cut my hair and made me look retarded. For years people thought I was a boy. Until I got boobs.

Anonymous said...

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