I have an idea for a tv show.

Its set in a pencil factory.

Anyways there are no people in the factory. The factory is run by machines. These machines make thousands of pencils every day.

And these pencil making machines can talk. That's where the tv show is.

The machines don't have mouths or anything. It's just the camera will focus in on a machine and you'll hear a voice and you'll know its the machine talking.

And the machines will have conversations with each other. But since they are machines there won't be emotion in the machines voices. And they won't make any jokes either. They'll just describe the apperance of the factory and what operations that they execute.

And at the end of each episode, one machine will have a good cry.

By that I mean we'll zoom in on one machine, and by using tv magic: have tears running down the machine. You'll also hear the voice over noises of someone crying.

This good cry will go on for 4-6 minutes, depending on the size of the machine.

Eventually the machine will short out because of all the water (from its tears).

The show will then end with a technical note written across the screen saying "This Machine Needs Repairs."


the pants said...

i am consulting my spirits.

they say:

emertron said...

Survey says: you've got a hit. Well, maybe. Yeah, probably not but it'd still be a better show than Step-by-Step.

Melissa said...

I could totally see this on the Cartoon Network.

Conti said...


Conti said...

So you'd watch Emertron? I like your name by the way. Very machine like.

Ajax said...

Better than Step by Step? That's a tall order. There is only so much Suzanne Somers to go around, you know.

I'm already crying.

Christine said...

Holy Shit, Step by Step! I haven't thought about that show in years. Not that it's a bad thing.

el Bow said...

Isn't this show already called Thomas the Tank Engine?

emertron said...

Hell yeah I'd watch it. I'll watch anything once, except for golf. I'd rather just take a sleeping pill.
Good call with machine-like. It's my robot name. If you would like a robot name, too, I'll let you know where to send the $1500 bank check. You will receive your name in the mail in 6-8 weeks.

Anonymous said...

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