I truly enjoy all of these people.

Tim is getting married to some babe. Good luck marrying that babe, Tim.

Ajax has a babe with a baby about to pop out. Good luck popping that baby out, Ajax.

Melissa is a babe who's about to move to Houston. Good luck moving to H-town, Melissa.

Henry gets all the babes and is about to give a media presentation. Good luck with that presentation, Henry.


Melissa said...

Yes! I'm on the list! Yes!
We totally have to meet up before I leave the Houston or at least go on that blog date :)

bob said...

whatever Conti is about to do..Good luck doing it,Conti.

Anonymous said...

I heard Tim's actually gay.

-Not Tim

Anonymous said...

i heard Anonymous's actually anonymous.

-Not Anonymous

ica said...

Yay for Ajax!

Anonymous said...

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