I shouldn't post this

I was exchanging brief blog comments with Erin, when she admitted that she had not yet named her vagina. This surprised me..."in this day and age" I thought aloud? Well I got to thinking about Erin's vagina. I wanted to help her vagina...I want to help all vaginas as a matter of fact!

So I've come up with some creative vagina names that you can use. Glance over the list and think things over. Consider your vagina and find a good match...this is NOT something you should RUSH into. If you have any other suggestions, please share them.

Current suggestions:

Skippy the Vagina
The Dizzy Rooster
The P2PT (Place 2 Put Things)
The Jar of Pleasure
The Escalade (big girls only)
Hebber Jebber
The Silver Puma (old women only)
The Baby Slide
Meow Factory
Tit-fot-Tat, Veg-for-Vag
Team Gross
The Czar
My Hand Glove
The Poison Catcher
Red Roof Inn
The Island of No No
The P Drive
The Great Salt Lake
Inward Volcano
Dad's Shame

Well. Hmm. I should go.


TinaPoPo said...

What about Cousin Oliver?

emertron said...

You forgot The Red Snapper

Ajax said...

The Olive Garden.

Ajax said...

The Land That Time Forgot
My Little Pony
Destination: Mars

I could do this all day.

Ajax said...

The Puppet Master
East of Eden
My Friend Flicka
Rumble Fish
The Manchurian Candidate
Twelve Angry Men
Krush Groove
Isla De La Mujeres

Too bad I had my vagina removed.

Conti said...

haha The Olive Garden.

Hell, The Red Lobster works too.

the pants said...

holy shit, i want krush groove.

Conti said...

Cruel Summer
Wind Beneth My Wings
The Career Fair
Goop Palace
Exxon Valdez Spill in the Pacific Ocean

Conti said...

The Cream Team
Cream of Mushroom Soup
Captain Sponge
Fun in the Sun
Be Kind, Rewind

The Rook said...

The Bait Box

Clare said...

Conti, looking at some of you later lists here, I'm a little worried about the health of whatever vagina you're naming.

Ajax, How long does it take you to come up with these lists? Where every sinlge thing on there is hilarious? Like the list of people you might have fucked last night on Erin's blog...

Ajax said...

Lil' Vagina
Smokey Hormel
Ernest Borgenine
Old Glory
Pippi Longstocking
Ground Zero

Conti said...



Ajax said...

The Parent Trap
Large Marge

Clare said...

Mine is The Honeypot--a reference to the story "Eeyore Has a Birthday" by A.A. Milne, in which Pooh gives Eeyore an empty honey pot for a present.
"'It's a Useful Pot,' said Pooh..."And it's for putting things in. There!'
When Eeyore saw the pot, he became quite excited.
'Why," he said, 'I believe my Balloon will just go into that Pot!'"
It gets better. It's one of my favorite stories of all time.

Conti said...

haha thats awesome Clare

Conti said...


Dear Blog God and Spiritual Wizards,

Please undo any bad karma I received for posting comment #13. I will do something nice for a stranger in the near future to correct the karma.


Tim said...

The Fishing Hole (or the fishy hole).

fusselman's rabbit said...

the never ending sushi bar

Conti said...

Poodle Dog Lounge

Clare said...

Conti, I was over at a friend's house for dinner just now, and she made cream of mushroom soup. While she was making it, I suddenly got the joke in comment #9. mushroom caps AHahaha! It was delicious.

Christine said...

AHAHAHA!!! So awesome!!

I made a post on a message board about this once and I was the only chick that names her vagina. I know, weird eh?!

My girls name is "Petunia"

Jeff said...

The Red Scare
The Jesus and Mary Chain
Happiness IS a Fish You Can Catch
Henrietta St. John, Mrs.
The Fiery Furnace
Hootchi Minh
Wet Seal
The Excommunication of RuPaul
A Fate Worse than Death

Conti said...

Mr. Sad
Henry Rollins
Saint Lolo
The Terror Hole
Jimmy Cricket
Badminton on a Cold Day
Llano Estacado

Conti said...

The Tar Pits

princess tatas said...

I have not yet named mine. Maybe...

princess tatas said...

How about Sesame, you know "open sesame!" :)
Or, as my litte cousin used to say "Stinky Pink"

Conti said...

My names aren't very good because I've never seen a real life vagina.