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Have you ever had a dance party with just you and the bugs?

Dance parties are a ton of fun. But often other people ruin dance parties by dancing close to you and ruining your flow. Thats why I dance with the bugs. I'll go outside onto the hills and let the bugs smell my flesh. Then they'll start biting my legs. I'm okay with it though: The bugs are small and I can barely feel the teeth!

Then I come back inside (with the bugs still on my legs), and put on the music. I put on the music loud because bugs have small ears and not a lot of notes can enter. Loud music! Bugs! Check. Check. Dance Party Time! DPT. Could stand for Downtown Pizza Teepee. But it stands for Dance Party Time!

Anyweighs chicks and dudes who look alike shouldn't date each other.

Have you ever tasted that Gatorade? Man it feels good to the soul. Did you know I invented a new flavor? Gatorade: Liquid Toast. The new flavor that I invented. It has my favorite things in the world. Water. Sugar . Toast (crumbled up and mixed). Banana Peppers (for taste max factor).

Do you remember a few lines ago when I spelled anyweighs? That was really creative. That's why my blog dominates. Things and misspells.

Have you seen this Tag deodorant commercial? A black guy is in the grocery store. He sprays himself with some Tag smelling spray. And in the aisle on the otherside, this chick like sniffs the air and smells the Tag smelling spray. Her nostrals are enflared. That's not hot at all. If a chick is sniffing I automatically am turned off. I know if a chick sniffs that she has a terrible vagina that I do NOT want to see.

Mistletoe is a slutty plant.

Does Dr. Halford read my blog? Hey asshole I lost my retainer. My bottom teeth are moving. Send me a new one so my teeth stay aligned. You dentist asshole. You tall dentist asshole. You know why I'm calling you an asshole, right? In 7th grade you made my retainer blue, with a silver basketball on it. Basketball's aren't silver, you asshole. They are orange. Good think you don't work for the NBA, man. Silver Dentist Asshole.


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fusselman's rabbit said...

wow, blog spammers are annoying.

your site is funny though. i can't remember the last time i laughed out loud by myself.


princess tatas said...

You have kind of a crazy blog, you just say whatever, I like it. Funny.
I don't know about dancing with bugs on you though, you could get the West Nile Virus...be careful!

Ajax said...

Ha! Great blog! I love it!

Check my Bovine Mutilation site! If you're into that kind of thing!


emertron said...

Who HASN'T had a dance party with bugs?

Hey, no downin' on the Mistletoe. It's gotten me some serious makin' out with some people who I would have otherwise not had a chance to shove my tongue down their throat.

Conti said...

I really like these anonymous guys. They really approve of my site. Thanks you guys! :):>

rabbit + tatas - thanks for visiting! i'll make sure and visit your sites when my boss is away and i'm able to play

ajax- that comment made me lol. make sure you click the site, for those of you who haven't yet

tron- im not downing Mistletoe. I LOVE sluts. who doesnt?

Conti said...

haha check out the link in the first comment. A cat gym. Hahaha

Tim said...

I bet that cat gym has some awesome Dance Parties.

TinaPoPo said...

You have an entire anonymous fan club. They must really love the bug DPT.

ica said...

People who look alike HAVE to date each other, it's like one of those necessary things that must happen for the planet to revolve.

emertron said...

Someone asked me at a party once if my first boyfriend was my brother before I'd introduced them. We broke up shortly after that.

Anonymous said...

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